Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Changing The Look

Just finished another coffetable book and before embarking on another one decdied to visit my neglected blog ang spruce it up a bit. Found nice looking templates which i hurriedly downloaded and uploaded here ... to my dismay even after carefully not pressing the "save" button .. all my links (widgets and what have yous) disappeared!

I was really devastated! Hahaha.. arte!

Buti na lang the better side of me took the advise of blogger to download my old template and save it for future use ... or else i would be working on all my links till eternity (oo, super OA na ito!)

So buti na lng, andito pa yung luma, but ganun pa din ang look .. kaya change na nga lang ng mga fonts and colors para naman maiba s aaking paningin .. heheheh!

Will find a way to work around it though ... matutunan ko ding palitan ang templates and retain the widgets and existing links ... only time can tell. Dramatic.


Carol said...

haha. at least na-save mo yunng widgets and other links. kung hindi start from scratch na naman!

Suzanne said...

Hay naku. That lesson I learned the hard way. Yan ata ang isang problema with blogger eh. You will lose your widgets once you upload a new template NOT made by blogger. Ang saya, di ba? :) Good luck!