Tuesday, July 22, 2008

AVP Creating Record

The party we attended last Sunday was a success, there were a lot of visitors and the entertainment was good. For this party (who was actually a referral from a past client, who later on we learned that the celebrant's parents were actually Christian's long resigned officemates who are now in the States ... small world!) i provided the party invites, signature board, stage backdrop, personalized lootbags and the audiovisual presenation for the event. Was glad that the avp was well received ... they even clapped their hands after the 15 minute show.

I was doing three AVP's at the same time, and they all had the same deadlines (only this particular party was a week before the two orders)

Here are the other two dvds, one for a wedding and one for a first birthday celebration. So this is my record for avp making, three avps, all different ocassions (boy 1st bday, girl 3rd bday and wedding)... done in exactly two whole days :)

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