Friday, July 18, 2008

Advertise for less

Was looking around and stumbled on a great site to advertise on budget and this just exactly what i am looking for! Being in the online business it really pays to have a good website accesible and easy to find by your prospective clients.

I have a lot of clients who say they just searched in google and found me ... cool right? But given the chance to get myself seen at a very low cost at would also be an added plus for me and my design business. You can regsiter for free with no obligations on your part if you do not wish to go through with it, but if you do take the plunge you can actually get a good deal on your own campaign for as low as fifty dollars! A few bucks in exchange of added vivibility and good marketing. I will look at the rates more and finally decide which one to take and get my site rolling.

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