Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Taking Pictures

Have been taking pictures of my products for my website and am still struggling to get the perfect angle and proper lighting required to come up with a good shot. I noticed that if i take the picture a little after lunch it tends to be too bright and ruins the shot all together. Have to invest in a good camera pretty soon. Will be looking at sites in a while to study the specs and get the perfect one to do the job for me. I am really into getting the perfect shot!

Coffee Fix

Was in the mall yesterday to meet up with my client and our meeting place was at Starbucks. I waited for her some time as she was running late, it really wasn't a big deal as i was answering my texts while sipping my Starbucks coffee it was actually a good break for me to unwind and brainstorm for this next project. The soothing taste of my latte made my waiting tolerable and suprisingly enjoyable. It sure was a good coffe fix for me.

Wanton Noodle Soup

Everytime we got to the mall i see to it that the kids get what they want to eat ... kahit na minsan sa iba ibang place nila gusto kumain ... so what i do is i order take out and dun sa mga di pwedeng i-take out (like soup) is the place where we will eat. Vin lately has been enjoying Wanton Noodle Soup ... from anywhere actually, no particular restaurant ... lucky for me as noodle soups abound ... hehehe!

Here we are eating his fave (i take the wantons by the way, he just likes the noodles and the broth) and i ordered pizza from Shakey's (Thin crust, Manager's Choice..yum!) take out ... both us happily eating.

Look at the man behind Vin ... he kept on staring at us as we took picturesof each other .. hehehe .. whatever rocks your boat! hahaha!

Corporate Cofeetable Books

Finished and delivered last Saturday this coporate coffetable book. Forgot to take its picture at home though ... kaya before i met up with my client (who happens to be long time client from way way back but it is only now that we are meeting each other) i stopped and took a few shot of it in a nearby foodcourt before we met up.

Lately, i have been doing corporate books, these are books that they give to their bosses as tokens of their appreciation. I finished one for HSBC, then ADB and am currently working on a book for Bayer Schering Philippines.
Finished a birthday coffetable book yesterday, posted them na sa website, will deliver it early next week. have 2 more pending birthday books to do.

After all the orders are done i promise to make our wedding pictures into a book. I am already excited with the ideas swimming in my head.

Coin Collecting

Bea came home yesterday from school and excitedly handed me a small old coin she has been holding for some time, because the coin was warm. She said her teacher gave it to her and said that it was indeed from her teacher's collection of rare coins, Bea was really pleased that her teacher gave it to her.

She kept on asking me where it came from and how old was it. I sure did not have any idea .. hahaha! So i logged on the net and searched for it. She hurriedly went beside me as we studied and looked at the different coins and it's worth. We learned how big coin collecting is in other parts of the world and trading really happens and exchange of coins is really fascinating. Bea is so thrilled and announced that she will be starting her own coin collection from now on.

Cool Shot

My sister Loren always has great shots on her blog .. and suprisingly they all just were taken from her phone's camera ... so while we were walking in the mall last week she just held out her hand with her camera facing us and she said to just look and smile (all this done while we were walking briskly ha) and she snapped away. She showed me the picture and i was surprised that it looked good .. everything was hazy except us! It was a camera trick that the subject is the only one in focus, then she showed me another trick (magician na ito! hahaha!) This time she held her camera again in front of her, smiled and twirled around and then snap ... that is the result in the next picture. Cool huh?!

Tried doing it na din ... will upload the pics soon ... after i regain my composure having to twirl around so many times to get the shot ... hahaha!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Changing The Look

Just finished another coffetable book and before embarking on another one decdied to visit my neglected blog ang spruce it up a bit. Found nice looking templates which i hurriedly downloaded and uploaded here ... to my dismay even after carefully not pressing the "save" button .. all my links (widgets and what have yous) disappeared!

I was really devastated! Hahaha.. arte!

Buti na lang the better side of me took the advise of blogger to download my old template and save it for future use ... or else i would be working on all my links till eternity (oo, super OA na ito!)

So buti na lng, andito pa yung luma, but ganun pa din ang look .. kaya change na nga lang ng mga fonts and colors para naman maiba s aaking paningin .. heheheh!

Will find a way to work around it though ... matutunan ko ding palitan ang templates and retain the widgets and existing links ... only time can tell. Dramatic.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Friends Are The Best!

Thanks Rocks ... likewise!

Passing this off to my fellow blogger friends who not only share their everyday stories .. but their friendship as well .. thanks!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coffeetable Book Orders

Just got off the phone with two more orders for coffetable books ... looks like this is going to be a busy week (maybe weeks pa nga!) with the book orders. I still have to finish two more before i start with my new projects. I am really overwhelmed with my design work, but happy with the output especially when i hear the reactions of my clients, makes it all worth it. This is something i love to do and am thankful that they trust their special ocassions with me. I have always given my projects 101% nothing less because that is what my dear clients deserve.

Office Relocation

My sister's office will finally move to a better location, more strategic and will target and attract more business for them. She is looking for good and reputable moving companies to facilitate the moving of her items with ease and security. She is very partial in the trustworthiness of the company since they will be handling very valuable documents and furniture and she want to have the feeling of security when her item will be transferred. I hope she gets a good one because she deserves an easy and fuss free move.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

AVP Creating Record

The party we attended last Sunday was a success, there were a lot of visitors and the entertainment was good. For this party (who was actually a referral from a past client, who later on we learned that the celebrant's parents were actually Christian's long resigned officemates who are now in the States ... small world!) i provided the party invites, signature board, stage backdrop, personalized lootbags and the audiovisual presenation for the event. Was glad that the avp was well received ... they even clapped their hands after the 15 minute show.

I was doing three AVP's at the same time, and they all had the same deadlines (only this particular party was a week before the two orders)

Here are the other two dvds, one for a wedding and one for a first birthday celebration. So this is my record for avp making, three avps, all different ocassions (boy 1st bday, girl 3rd bday and wedding)... done in exactly two whole days :)

Party Activities

Bea and Sam are not shy joining games in parties and last Sunday they got a lot of prizes from participating in most of the games. The "Bring me" is their favorite, mine too!

Bea won in the coloring contest and was able to take a picture of it when her name was called.

Bea also loved being inside the giant bubble and said it was like she was underwater ... glug.. glug!

Saying hello!

Sam was not able to try the bubble because she was back at our table drinking and eating again. Christian on the other hand was busy talking to his friends who are now residing in the US and was telling him that they are doing good in their business there. They even said that even if they are here having their vacation they have gotten the service of reliable commercial collection agencies to facilitate the collection of their receivables promptly and effectively. Christian being in the Credit Business as well was impressed with his friend's decision when it comes to taking care of his finances. They sure had a lot of catching up to do and they talked animately for hours.

Vin was busy eating chocolate covered stickos from the chocolate fountain, yum! Everybody busy.

Party Princesses

The girls had a nice time last Sunday when we attended a birthday party of Christian's friend. The crowns were so nice and Bea and Sam liked wearing them. Vin on the other hand (a hat lover) did not want to wear a crown .. hehehe!

Christian met up with friends he has not seen for quite some time and marvelled at how trim he was from the last time they saw him, Christian was elated, had smiles from ear to ear. His friends were insisting that maybe he was taking bodybuilding supplements explaining his sudden fit appearance, but Christian was just smiling and keeping his friends guessing. Hahaha!

Friday, July 18, 2008

HSM Ice Tour

Watched the High School Musical Ice Tour last Saturday, and my three kiddies sure had a great time singing and dancing to the the tune of their favorite songs from hsm 1 and 2. Among the three of them Bea was really excited and kept waving her hands to say hello to Gabriella and Sharpay (hahaha!). Sam at first was a little scared because there was a voice over that there will be times that it will be pitch black (lol!) and that really shook her up. Good thing she was able to recover from it and was having a nice time singing and eating her cotton candy (which by the way was way over priced! But we are all suckers .. hahaha! So we got one .. lol!) Vin on the other hand was a little scared with the fireworks display (understandable really), ako din nagulat eh .. hahaha!

The show was really nice! But my only observation was the hsm merchandise were very expensive for my taste .. hahah! An example is the cotton candy that came with a plastic hat (which we got ..hehe!) was at Four Hundred pesos! Show programs were at three hundred (we got din ..hehe!), diary (super small lang) six hundred pesos, t-shirts at one thousand foru hundred (antayin ko na lang yan sa SM ... hehehe!) Coloring books that usually are priced at fifty pesos were being sold for two hundred fifty pesos!

But the ice show is really worth watching especially if you are a true blue hsm fanatic ... the kids are now getting excited to the coming of hsm3 (seniors na sila!) in October!

Advertise for less

Was looking around and stumbled on a great site to advertise on budget and this just exactly what i am looking for! Being in the online business it really pays to have a good website accesible and easy to find by your prospective clients.

I have a lot of clients who say they just searched in google and found me ... cool right? But given the chance to get myself seen at a very low cost at would also be an added plus for me and my design business. You can regsiter for free with no obligations on your part if you do not wish to go through with it, but if you do take the plunge you can actually get a good deal on your own campaign for as low as fifty dollars! A few bucks in exchange of added vivibility and good marketing. I will look at the rates more and finally decide which one to take and get my site rolling.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Our Book

Remember the layouts for the my kids book? Have uploaded pictures of the acual book here

I made it in time for Sam's assignment for school, her classmates had a fun time looking at the pictures .. her teachers too were surprised with the book! :) Future clients! hahaha!

As of this writing i have four orders for coffeetable books kaya will not market it muna, baka di na kayanin ng munting powers ko, may mga avp pa akong projects ... tried to singit a post lang sa blog, pero sa totoo lang wala muna akong "K" mag blog ... heheheh ... but if there's a will there's a way!

Domino Tag

Domino Tag Time ... tagged by Apple, thanks sis!

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Tagging Mhay, Marnellie and Wersp to join in the fun!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Advance Orders

My design business has been really good, and come November i will be marking my third year ... but looking at the designs i have done it seems i have been here so long. I have so many repeat clients, and these are my clients when i first started (kaya i have seen their kids grow up in my every design for them) and i am so happy with my clients who have transformed into good friends. I also have clients who are friends and relatives (even friends of my clients's relative .. hehehe!) who regularly order layouts not only for birthdays but as gifts to their loved ones.

There are people who say they found me through google .. hehehe!

Would you believe i already have orders for Christmas invitations as early as now? I also have backdrop orders for corporate Christmas parties to boot. How advanced is that? :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bazaar Kids

Lats Saturday (yes, like i said our weekends are jampacked! ) after the Ocean Park, then the Nickelodeon Lets' Go Out and Play event ... we went to the bazaar (notice that they are still wearing the same get ups .. lol!) After hamming it up with thier cousins (my brothers kids), here they are with their cousin (my sister's naman) eating ice cream (fruits in icecream) and they had three cups each! My wallet sure had a serious workout ... going in and out of my bag ..hahaha!

Look at the happy smiles, this was around 6:00 pm na ... we were almost ready to go have dinner.

Friday Talk

Yes! It's Friday again!

I just love posting when it's a friday .. why? Because i know i will have a great weekend in just a few hours! Like i always say, our weekends are well spent ... every thing is planned and jampacked with activities for the kids (who really are getting tired from morning classes) so weekends are very important for us!

Tomorrow morning we are going to my mom's house for lunch, then will try to squeeze in a trip to the nearby mall to get cd installers before heading to Araneta for the HS Musical Ice Show.

I still have dinner plans to finalize.

But anyway, today i have to accompany my cousin to the bank as she is so stressed that she was sent a letter about her properties foreclosure so she has to talk to the bank manager as it looks as there is some mistake somewhere. Hope their meeting turns out well, i will just tag along.

School Bags Update

Happy to update that the bags that we bought for school was a good choice after all! I was kind of hesistant to get the huge looking bags at first, i was thinking maybe they will have a hard time bringing it along plus it might be way too big for the girls. But as of this writing the bags are perfect! They are very sturdy because the interior of the bags are the ones used in heavy duty luggage and you know that kind of material, the ones that can withstand the tossing and manhandling ..hahaha! I am happy with my bag decision!

HS Musical Ice Tour Tomorrow

After the long wait (since we got our tickets way way back ..hehehe) tomorrow is the day we are going to see he ice show! The three kids are excited since they just love the songs in the musical ... and they know it by heart since that is the the only thing we hear everytime we ride the car ..hahaha!

Though i explained to them that it will not be the actors who will be there they are still looking forward to the show.

We are catching the 4:30 show tomorrow (Saturday) and i guess they are also eager to see the souvenier shop (yikes for me and my wallet!) so i batter brace myself and be ready for some serious shopping ... ooohhh!

Here are the show schedules if you guys would like to bring your kids to the show too:

July 11, 2008 | Friday at 2:00pm
July 11, 2008 | Friday at 6:00pm
July 12, 2008 | Saturday at 1:00pm
July 12, 2008 | Saturday at 4:30pm
July 12, 2008 | Saturday at 8:00pm
July 13, 2008 | Sunday at 2:00pm
July 13, 2008 | Sunday at 6:00pm
July 15, 2008 | Tuesday at 6:00pm
July 16, 2008 | Wednesday at 6:00pm
July 17, 2008 | Thursday at 6:00pm
July 18, 2008 | Friday at 2:00pm
July 18, 2008 | Friday at 6:00pm
July 19, 2008 | Saturday at 1:00pm
July 19, 2008 | Saturday at 4:30pm
July 19, 2008 | Saturday at 8:00pm
July 20, 2008 | Sunday at 1:00pm
July 20, 2008 | Sunday at 4:30pm
July 20, 2008 | Sunday at 8:00pm

The ice tour fuses songs, dance, and team-spirited fun from the original Disney movie and will feature music from the High School Musical soundtrack in two acts — the first act focusing on the first film, while the second act covers the second film in two hours.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Simple Healing Prayer

Passed to me by Farrah, thanks for passing this on.

Dear God,we pray for the quick recovery of all the sick and the dying especially those suffering from LUPUS and CANCER.

To those who will be tagged, all you have to do is keep this circulating.Even if it’s to only one person. In memory of anyone you know that has been struck down by a serious illness like Lupus or Cancer or is still living with it.
A Candle Loses Nothing by Lighting Another Candle.

Blogs who prayed: 1.) Eida’s Closet 2.) My Precious 3.) Just Me.. Eds 4.) Scribbles of My Life 5.)In This Game of Life 6.) Mind Bubbles 7.) Something Purple 8.) Vanity Kit 9.) Stripe&Yellow 10.) Em's Detour 11.) Changing Lanes 12.) Pit Stop 13.) Melisse's Domain 14. Seize the Day 15. Your blog

Please Keep This Candle Going! There will be a cure soon. Continue to have Hope and continue to pray.

Passing this tag to my new blog friends Carol and Marnellie .. keep the flame going.

Latest Family Pic

This is our latest family snapshot ... was at Manila Ocean Park with the family and my brother took the picture. We usually have our pictures taken without Christian or without me because one of us has to hold the camera .. hehehe!

We were on our way out of the park when this picture was taken and had just eaten .. so excuse the tummy bulge .. hahaha! Chrsitian promises to stay longer on the treadmill when he hits the gym next week. This i have yet to see ... hehehe!

Tired and exhausted but still smiling!

Credit Card Hunt

Since the onset of online shopping i found an urgent need to finally get another credit card to make the purchase through the internet. Some of the sites don't accept payment through paypal but readily accept credit card payments. I am now on a hunt for a credit card that will let me do this, am looking for the kind that has 0 balance transfer so i can maximize my credit limit and save me money along the way. That's what i call wise shopping! lol!

Personalize it

Been in the designing biz for some time and have noticed how people just love having their stuff personalized ... gives it more charachter. I just love having my kids stuff personalized, and have always been on the lookout of great things and items to do just that. We already have their bags, cellphone cases, school things, shirts and even have custom pens to boot! This is another way of keeping tabs with there things because all is labeled ... double purpose!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fish Spa Take Two

Of course a trip the Ocean Park is not complete without soaking their tired small feet (and Christian's hand .. lol!) in the fish spa! So off we went and Bea kept on giggling because she said it was really so tickily ... and she really enjoyed it! Vin and Sam being second timers were doubly happy but not as excited like Bea .. (and Christian ..hehehe!)

Vin decided to stand up so he won't wiggle his toes .. so even his knees were accessible to the little fishies ..hahaha!

All in all they had a relaxing time while i took pictures and video too!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Star Fish Sighting and Touching

Went back last saturday to Manila Ocean Park, di ko kasi matiis si Bea na di nakapunta ... hay .. double the expenses kasi ayaw magpaiwan nila Sam at Vin ... so they too came along, also Christian ... also my brother's family .. so it was sulit!

As expected, Bea was excited to see everything .. and touch as well!

Here she is (and Sam too) touching the starfish but was really carefule not to take them out of the water. :)

My 3d keychain

When we went to Ocean Park (the first time) we passed by the souvenier gift shop on the way out ... the kids got springy balls and something caught my eye ... 3d keychains, frames and bag tags! I was so excited that i paid for one right away not asking who among the kids wanted one ...

When i got the receipt i went to the counter and called Sam and Vin to pick which frame they wanted .. both did not like to have their picture taken ... wwaahhh!!

So here i am with a receipt for a keychain and no takers???

I then chose a background and told the miss i will be the one to pose ... hahaha!

I chose this cute dolphin backdrop and said i will pose like we were kissing ..hehehe!

So there i was with my puckered lips behind a blue screen .. looking silly while my kids watched ... this is how it's done ... lol!

This is what you see when you look at the first angle

This is the image when you tilt the keychain ... heheheh!