Tuesday, June 17, 2008

School baon

Thinking of what to prepare for daily recess and lunch viands can really b a challenging task! I am already losing ideas on what to give them and it's just been two weeks ... yikes! The girls are both whole day in school, kaya kailangan well nourished sila.

They like different kinds of food pa, kaya feeling restaurant na ako kapag morning. Bea likes liempo for her lunch, while Sam likes corned beef and rice. For recess/snack naman, Bea likes yakisoba while Sam likes Pizza or chocolate chip cookies ... can you imagine me preparing four different kinds every morning. It's like making short orders ... ay saing pa ako niyan! Prepare their water bottles filled with ice for their steel flasks and i still let them bring extra water para sure di magkulang.

I am still negotiating with the girls if they can at least agree to one kind of viand for lunch .. when they leave in the morning my sink is filled with different kinds of plates, pans and utensils. I forgot there is still breakfast to prepare while i help them dress up. So you can imagine my morning rush! Hahaha!

Will post pictures later of the nice lunch kits we got for them, they really retain the heat of the food, kaya happy mga girls there food is still hot when they eat it.

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