Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Special Book

Here are the pages of my kids magazine style coffee table book! Finally has time to squeeze this project amidst all my orders .. was so inspired doing it! Will make one for each soon (yung start from birth pictures nila) will have to sort the hordes of pictures (di pa uso digital nun .. hehehe) and ready my scanner for some serious scanning! Lol!

I made this 10 page (5 spread book) in two days!

This the front and back cover spread, made a mosaic featuring the three treasures of my life!

Found three solo pictorials with white background para may continuity .. hehehe!

Bea just loves collecting shells, kaya decided to use shells as her theme .. also used her birthstone!
Sammie's spread is more flowery ... made her main picture black and white while she remained colored!

Vin had tons of pictures (inabutan ng digital age ..heheh) kaya decided to give more options for his smiley faces!

Finally, the last spread showcasing the three kids all together now!

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