Monday, June 23, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

Last Saturday i brought the kids to the Manila Ocean Park at Roxas Boulevard. Bea was suppose to come (i dressed her up na nga) when suddenly she decided to just stay in my mom's house and play with her cousins. I really wanted her to come, but she insisted on staying ... so i did not want to spoil the day by forcing her ... i let her stay ... but it was quite a let down because i wanted the three kids to be together and share this activity ... oh well.

The moment we arrived (my sister Loren, Sam, Vin and Me) the parking and stepped out the car it started to drizzle .. we practically ran to the steps ... luckily it stopped raining so we were able to take some pictures with the sign ... hehehe!

Surprisingly there was no queue for tickets, a far cry from the pictures i see from other blogs where there were hordes of people waiting in line ... was glad we went that day.

My sister Loren with Vin and Sam with their tickets!

Tickets are P400 for adults and P350 for children (kids below 2 feet come in for free). There were a lot of concessionaires for food like North Park, Pancake House, Pizza place, Chowking and many others ... so food is not a problem.

When we entered the park it started to rain again so everybody were handed gigantic (yes, it was heavy) white umbrellas ... used he umbrella for 5 minutes and when i felt the rain has gone i happily returned them ... was really heavy since i was carrying my bag, Vin (because there was a pool of water on the floor and some aquariums were high) my camera and the huge umbrella, so it had to go fast! hahaha!

There is a part there where you can hold some friendly sea creatures like a fish (though i did not attempt to hold it), starfish (that i carried for Sam and Vin to touch) and other plants that moved (hehehe) ... there was a man there telling you to please do not lift them out of the water (ang kukulit kasi ng iba tinatabi pa sa mga faces nila) because it can die.

Then we went in to see many kids of marine life .. and boy did the kids enjoy it! There were some tanks na i was thinking of skipping but Vin would always say, "Mama, we did not see that yet!" Walang lusot! lol!

Will post more pictures in my other post :)

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