Saturday, June 28, 2008

Book printing

I finally got a call from my printers this afternoon ... our mini book will be ready by next week! Yehey! I actually made this book in time for Sam's assignment in school where she has to bring pictures of her siblings next week. I am sure she will be so proud showing it off in class and at the same time tell her classmates that her Mama made it for them.

Will take photos of the book as soon as i get it!

Summer plans

Christian and i already discussed that we are really going on an out of town trip next summer, that way Vin would really enjoy it since he would be bigger by May next year. I have been thinking of considering European cruises as well this going to be a first time experience for them on a luxury liner. Will make a trial one hour boat trip first next month and see if they will not be sea sick. I am more excited than then when i inquired about our trial boat ride. lol!

Ocean park times two

Since Bea was not with us last saturday when we went to the Manila Ocean Park she was quite out of place when we talked about the fun trip. I know she is really regretting that she did not go with us most especially when she said "Next time i will listen to you right away mama, it's true Mama's know best!" Lol!

Going on trips really bring out the best in children, there need to explore really is unsatiable ... as early as now i am looking at good vacation deals that we can have by December. I am getting excited!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Special Book

Here are the pages of my kids magazine style coffee table book! Finally has time to squeeze this project amidst all my orders .. was so inspired doing it! Will make one for each soon (yung start from birth pictures nila) will have to sort the hordes of pictures (di pa uso digital nun .. hehehe) and ready my scanner for some serious scanning! Lol!

I made this 10 page (5 spread book) in two days!

This the front and back cover spread, made a mosaic featuring the three treasures of my life!

Found three solo pictorials with white background para may continuity .. hehehe!

Bea just loves collecting shells, kaya decided to use shells as her theme .. also used her birthstone!
Sammie's spread is more flowery ... made her main picture black and white while she remained colored!

Vin had tons of pictures (inabutan ng digital age ..heheh) kaya decided to give more options for his smiley faces!

Finally, the last spread showcasing the three kids all together now!


Finally my sister is happy to announce that she is expanding her business .. and is getting another office. Her business has been good that why there is an urgent need to get another place, she will start to decorate it this wekend. She is also an interior designer and has a fine taste in office furniture that is why i am sure her new office will turn out to be fabulous! Will post pictures of the set up as soon as she is done!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fish paparazzi

Here are a few (from tons!) of pictures we took from the Manila Ocean Park! There you will see Nemo, Dory and other odd looking fish ... heheheh ... as long as it moved we took a photo (and video!). The pictures were all taken minus the flash (using of flash is strictly prohibited as it stresses the fish), we talked to one of the workers there and he told me that the Octopus had to be quarantined because it began spitting out ink kasi na-stress daw sa mga flash sa camera ... kawawa naman! When we were there nga there were some people that despite constant reminders and very visible signs STILL used flash. Hay!

Hotel and Mall

The Manila Ocean Park is still undergoing construction when we went there last Saturday, i was told there would also be a part where they will have dolphins, a hotel and a big mall! Wow!

When we entered the place we were handed out with flyers for the upcoming hotel and condominiums, and some agents were also there giving out life insurance quote if you are in the market for it as well, also flyers of menu prices of the restaurants in the area. I had in my hand different brochures before i even got hold of the Ocean Park brochure ... hehehe!

Manila Ocean Park

Last Saturday i brought the kids to the Manila Ocean Park at Roxas Boulevard. Bea was suppose to come (i dressed her up na nga) when suddenly she decided to just stay in my mom's house and play with her cousins. I really wanted her to come, but she insisted on staying ... so i did not want to spoil the day by forcing her ... i let her stay ... but it was quite a let down because i wanted the three kids to be together and share this activity ... oh well.

The moment we arrived (my sister Loren, Sam, Vin and Me) the parking and stepped out the car it started to drizzle .. we practically ran to the steps ... luckily it stopped raining so we were able to take some pictures with the sign ... hehehe!

Surprisingly there was no queue for tickets, a far cry from the pictures i see from other blogs where there were hordes of people waiting in line ... was glad we went that day.

My sister Loren with Vin and Sam with their tickets!

Tickets are P400 for adults and P350 for children (kids below 2 feet come in for free). There were a lot of concessionaires for food like North Park, Pancake House, Pizza place, Chowking and many others ... so food is not a problem.

When we entered the park it started to rain again so everybody were handed gigantic (yes, it was heavy) white umbrellas ... used he umbrella for 5 minutes and when i felt the rain has gone i happily returned them ... was really heavy since i was carrying my bag, Vin (because there was a pool of water on the floor and some aquariums were high) my camera and the huge umbrella, so it had to go fast! hahaha!

There is a part there where you can hold some friendly sea creatures like a fish (though i did not attempt to hold it), starfish (that i carried for Sam and Vin to touch) and other plants that moved (hehehe) ... there was a man there telling you to please do not lift them out of the water (ang kukulit kasi ng iba tinatabi pa sa mga faces nila) because it can die.

Then we went in to see many kids of marine life .. and boy did the kids enjoy it! There were some tanks na i was thinking of skipping but Vin would always say, "Mama, we did not see that yet!" Walang lusot! lol!

Will post more pictures in my other post :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Movie date

Finally, my sisters and i were able to spend some bonding time together last Saturday ... with no kids! We spent it strolling around the mall and buying girly stuff (and stuff for salubong for the eager waiting kids) and watched a movie while munching out our popcorn, waffle hotdogs, burgers and fries. Sure had a great time!

My sister had to excuse her self for some time at one time though by answering calls from their lawyer for some information he needed, my sister's line of business is in the trucking line, they transport cars to car shows and the like. But when she comes back after the call she is assured that their biz is well taken cared off.

We watched "Caregiver" ... and yes we all cried ... mushy girls! hahaha!

Camera faces

My sister Loren and Vin just loves goofing in front of the camera .. here are the two with their antics while whiling away the time as we girls have a manicure and pedicure at David's salon last Saturday. Vin was in his elements while waiting patiently for us to finish our beauty fix.

Hot and Fresh

Finally, found the perfect lunch box for Bea and Sam! It really is true to its promise, it's called "Hot and Fresh" and it really stays hot and fresh. lol!

The inner sides are made of aluminum and it comes with three plastic containers with lids, i use one for recess, one for rice and one for the viand. Perfect!

It only comes in one color though, so had to get identical ones for Bea and Sam ... just labeled them with permanent markers ... but will get personalized tags this weekend.

Silver works

My sister has been acquiring good jewelry pieces ever since she became a teenager ... she is now in her 20's so you can just imagine the vast collection that she has now. She is looking for simple and classy pieces whenever we go out and she also searches the internet to get good and valuable pieces to include in her loot. What is surprising is she is partial to silver items instead of gold. I often see her visit sites that offers silver and lately she has found a liking in collecting silver coins and ingots and she tells me that it really is a good investment and that it will go a long way. She is excitedly waiting for her pieces to come in anytime next week.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

42nd Wedding Anniversary

It's my parent's 42nd wedding anniversary today!

Wow, sounds like a loooong time! hahahha!

Will i ever get to that number? Hmmm ... i do hope so.

They have been through a lot through the course of their marriage and they have withstand it and let love for each other be the victor.

Will be meeting up with them at Dad's Glorietta later (after 7, color coding) for an eat-all-you-can dinner celebration. Just thinking of the vast selection makes me giddy and full ... hahaha!

Am finishing up my work so i can still tackle the girl's assignments before we go.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there!

Christian is really a hands on father to the three kids ... having had no maid nor yaya ever since we got married, so you can just imagine all the nappy changes, sleepless nights, burping, feeding, playing, seeing the many "firsts' and many blissful things a father can ever experience he has seen it! The three kids call him "Papa" with so much love .. he cannot ask for more!

Again, Happy Father's Day!

Computer upgarde

Looks like Christian is really helping me make my work place as high tech as possible after my computer crash last month. I now have been upgraded with a new cpu, wireless mouse and keyboard, gas lifted swivel computer chair and webcam. He is now looking around and scouting forCAT5e cable to further safeguard my computer. I am so happy seeing my workplace transform into a state of the art area!

Sorting Pictures

My camera is jampacked with pictures yet to be downloaded onto my computer, but i just can't do that now as i am on the verge of finally organizing the existing pictures here and saving them on dvds properly labeled and sorted. Goodluck to me!

I have a lot of files, from the designs, personal pictures and files that organizing them would entail a lot of work. But since i need to empty my camera's memory i decided to download them all in my handy flash memory for safekeeping first before i download to my desktop.

I plan to start it tonight.

Grade School here i come

Here i am again, faced with the dreaded grade school subjects ... again! hahaha!

Yesterday, Bea and i were bombarded with assignments and one that really stumped me i the tagalog interpretation of the world map, give 10 examples of countries under the 'mababang longtitid' and ' gitnang latitud' ... yikes!

I called Christian and asked him to pass by the bookstore and get me a globe! Hehehe! Bea assured me that when she gets hold of the globe she will now the answers .. what a relief!

So when Christian cam home with the globe, Bea set on her work and finished in less than 5 minutes .. heheh!

I wa stackling tagalog tambalang words pa ..hay!


This is Vin's favorite cousin ... Anton! He is 7 years old and just like Vin he is filled wth so much energy! There games are usually power ranger inspired games and if they do have a sort of quiet time together it is in front of the computer playing action packed games!

The first picture shows them in serious play ... called the two boys attention for a quick shot and they falshed their smiles and went back to their game. hehehe!

Hi tech doctor

Since my papa was hospitalized last month, we spent quite a number of days in the hospital and seeing doctors go in and out the room was a common sight for me. My papa's doctors were nice and they would always make an extra effort to explain everything for us in simpler terms, terms that we common people can understand and grasp. One of his doctors was really kind enough to give us so many details and i noticed that he was always consulting something on his PDA, then he told us that he has a PDA medical software that helps him around for quick answers. With a few touch of the buttons he can give out accurate prescriptions, cite the possible side effects and other important details that is available on hand. What a revolutionary tool!
This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.

School baon

Thinking of what to prepare for daily recess and lunch viands can really b a challenging task! I am already losing ideas on what to give them and it's just been two weeks ... yikes! The girls are both whole day in school, kaya kailangan well nourished sila.

They like different kinds of food pa, kaya feeling restaurant na ako kapag morning. Bea likes liempo for her lunch, while Sam likes corned beef and rice. For recess/snack naman, Bea likes yakisoba while Sam likes Pizza or chocolate chip cookies ... can you imagine me preparing four different kinds every morning. It's like making short orders ... ay saing pa ako niyan! Prepare their water bottles filled with ice for their steel flasks and i still let them bring extra water para sure di magkulang.

I am still negotiating with the girls if they can at least agree to one kind of viand for lunch .. when they leave in the morning my sink is filled with different kinds of plates, pans and utensils. I forgot there is still breakfast to prepare while i help them dress up. So you can imagine my morning rush! Hahaha!

Will post pictures later of the nice lunch kits we got for them, they really retain the heat of the food, kaya happy mga girls there food is still hot when they eat it.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pikachu's Pals

The girls were so excited seeing a large version of Pikachu (Pokemon character) that they both wanted pictures taken with it. We have hordes of Pokemon cards and pogs all stashed in plastic crates, some are not even opened from their boxes ... but they just love collecting them. I remember before i had pictures of them lying down on their pogs (round cardboard thing that has different Pokemon character on it) and which they use to battle with (in my child years, it was tex ..hehehe!).

Bea hugging Pikachu

Pikachu is sooo big!

Sammie's turn with the yellow giant!

Wrap it up

I can't believe it, after spending more than two hours wrapping i just finished the notebooks, and the tall pile of books
still remains untouched. I wonder if i can finish this on time, it will just be two days and school starts! I have already asked the help of Christian and he promises to help, felt a little hope that i may be able to finish this task ... but i still have to see him really sit down and hold the plastic wrap and tape. lol!

Enjoying the water

Bea, Sam and Vin really love to swim ... but importantly they love playing with each other! Here are a few candid pictures of them playing around in the kiddie pool of Dusit Hotel. Asked them to look my way for a quick shot and off they played around after the pose. They asked me next time to bring along inflatable boats and balls so they can have more fun. The three kiddies really enjoyed the afternoon swim.

"Smile!" ... and off they went!

" Hey, wait for me!"

"Tagged you!"

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wooden toys and school sked

I am excited with the new toys for the kids, ordered them the other day and will get this saturday while i do my meetup and delivery in Greenhills. Vin particularly likes the wooden ball and hammer toy, it will sure keep him busy, especially snce the two girls will be off to school next week. Kaya, home alone si bibin :)

Happy though that the girls both have morning sesions, so they should be home around 2:30 pm. Have a snack, a nap maybe, do assignments and maybe still have time to play before they hit the sack.

Both girls are looking forward to school! What a relief!