Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

Belated Happy Mother's Day fellow moms!

I had a great Sunday, and was again overwhelmed with show of love from Christian and the three kids. Celebrated the entire day and they gave me gifts that i know the girls really took time to make.

The moment i woke up they greeted me already and would not let me do anything and they excitedly prepared my breakfast (parang yung sa mga commercials ... hahah!). The when it was time to leave for lunch, they chose their own clothes and wore them. All i did was prepare the bag where i bring extra clothes.

We had a sumptuous lunch at Tempura and headed for the mall.

Went to my mom's house to greet her and have merienda. Went to my brother's house for the kids time to play with their cousins. The kids wanted to stay with their cousins while i had to make a quick trip to Mall of Asia to meet up with my client for her orders.

My client (who is the sister of Christian's former officemate, who is currently in the States is the one who will really have the party ... small world) so it was like talking and dealing with a friend. Our meeting went smoothly and after that Christian and i headed back to Makati to pick up the kids to have dinner.

Went home 12:00 am na, passed by Jollibee on the way home for ice cream but were surprised to know that they were already offering pancakes... so pancakes the kids had for a midnight snack.

It was truly a happy day! Happy Mother's day to all and hope you all had fun!

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