Friday, May 16, 2008

It's raining in May

Rainy season has come early ... as i write this the rain is pouring hard outside.

I like the rain ... makes me feel calm and i can think better.

I have tons ... no, gazillions of things to do .. but with the rain atmosphere i don't feel harrassed nor pressure to do it ... i will take my sweet time and still get things done.

I am printing 200 pcs of personalized lootboxes as i am blogging and answering emails. Will have to cut them up later and make them into boxes by sunday. Am working on three clients now ... have inquiries for projects for next week deadlines.

Will have to go to school tomorrow morning to get the books.

Tomorrow is Bea and Sam's graduation for their Kiddie Crew ... then have to head to Greenhills to meet up with two clients for delivery.

Have household chores as well ... hmmmm ... i will finish them all ... after all i have the rain to back me up.

Rainy season na, bring it on!

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