Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Surprise visitor

I was dead set on blogging like a mad woman today when i got a call from my sister and said that she was in the neighborhood and if she could pass by to drop off her daughter to play with the kids. It sure was a welcome call as the three kiddies were just getting ready to give their ducklings (newest pets) a bath, it was more like let the little ducklings swim around in a basin. But i kept quiet and did not tell Bea and Sam that their cousin was coming over to play.

In just 20 minutes the scenario was me scooping strawberry icecream in one large bowl and four small spoons ready to serve to 4 excited kids inside a tiny wading pool.

They were all surprised to see their cousin, who they usually see every weekend at my mom's house ... so a midweek visit was really quite a treat for them.

They frolicked beside the ducks (who was in another basin) and had a great afternoon.

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