Monday, April 14, 2008

Power Ranger

To date Vin has 6 power ranger shirts!

Anywhere we go he would insist on wearing power ranger (he even has a costume of a red power ranger) and his favorite is the RED power ranger. When looking at the downloaded pictures from my camera i can't help but notice that he is always wearing a power ranger shirt ... hahahh! Parang di nagpapalit ng damit!

He also has the complete DVD collection of the different kinds of Power Rangers (Mystic Force, SPD, Dino Thunder and may isa pa it just escaped my mind, Time Force ata)

He even has 2 game boy games, 2 pc cd rom games and 1 ps game!

This is the longest fad for him ..... tapos na siya sa spiderman, blues clues, barney and hi-5!

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