Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Nick Pics

It was not a sunny day for the Nick carnival and that was a welcome treat for the kids as the time was 3:00 pm, it actually drizzled a little bit but that did not dampen the spirits of the three excited kids. At the registration the three kids were treated to nick loot bags and raffle stubs and a small map as to where they should go and play the games. The first thing we did was play three games so they can collect three stamps for them to get a chance to get a Nick Token (first 1000 kids who gets three stamps are eligible for it) and off they trooped to the sunken treasure booth to get it ... and it was a cute yellow head-umbrella :)

Then we went and played the games and visited the different booths scattered around the field. The kids had a great time seeing Sponge Bob, Patrick Star and Danny Phantom on stage! They had different prizes form the games they played and were very proud with the stamps they had on their arms. :)

We stayed for two hours then went to a nearby McDonald's with their cousins for a snack, then headed to Market Market (as i had to buy some things for my orders) and Christian took care of them in the inflatable playground for 30 minutes while i attended to my business. When we met up we bought the kids orange snow cones and went to my mom's house for dinner and to be with their other cousins. It was again another fun-filled Saturday for the kids. :)

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