Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mcdo Crew girls soon

Went to McD last night and had the two girls listed for Mcd's crew camp this summer. They were able to join last year and they had lots of fun.

They will join the 3rd batch, afternoon .... hmmmm, looks like Vin and i will have the mall to ourselves for one whole week.

Bea and Sam are excited na nga eh, they will have some time to do simple counter duties, like arranging orders on the tray, drawing drinks (their favorite!) and going around the lobby area of mcdo giving out napkins and ketchup ... hahaha!

There is also about an hour for arts and craft, like bag decorating, slipper painting, etc.

Have to go to the mall on the weekend and buy them hairnets. :)

Will post pictures next week.

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