Friday, April 25, 2008

Be prepared

A nice lady named Victoria from Los Angeles left me a message in one of my posts, here is an excerpt of what she said:

"I found your blog searching for Southern California parents, and thought you might be interested in helping support our public service campaign for Disaster Preparedness while getting a free "Bug-Out Bag" in the process.

My name is Victoria and I am with Rocket XL, a marketing agency based in Los Angeles. The State of California has asked us to help them identify around 50 leading independent voices in the SoCal online community to become part of this emergency preparedness pilot program. We hope that you will share your views and opinions about this program with your readers through your blog.

To learn more about this program, please visit this site that we have created for your convenience. .... "

I visited the site and would like to help the program in any way i can. I feel the act of being prepared for anything is really essential and should be given priority especially by us parents as we have small children who look up to us. It us our sole responsibility to make sure that we have everything covered. So i recommend my blog readers to go and visit the site and to spread the word around ... it is always good to be prepared, girl's scouts honor.

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