Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Surprise visitor

I was dead set on blogging like a mad woman today when i got a call from my sister and said that she was in the neighborhood and if she could pass by to drop off her daughter to play with the kids. It sure was a welcome call as the three kiddies were just getting ready to give their ducklings (newest pets) a bath, it was more like let the little ducklings swim around in a basin. But i kept quiet and did not tell Bea and Sam that their cousin was coming over to play.

In just 20 minutes the scenario was me scooping strawberry icecream in one large bowl and four small spoons ready to serve to 4 excited kids inside a tiny wading pool.

They were all surprised to see their cousin, who they usually see every weekend at my mom's house ... so a midweek visit was really quite a treat for them.

They frolicked beside the ducks (who was in another basin) and had a great afternoon.

Worldwide link love tag

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Summer Dip

Took the kids for a swim and boy did they enjoy it!

View more pics here
I love summer!

Blog day

Today is a day where i will dedicate a day of blogging .... hopefully i get tags and posts done. I made quite a number yesterday for both blogs and am optimistic that i can post as mush as i can. Have had so many things going on and have not had a chance to blog about it ... well today is the day! hahaha!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vin's approach

I was busy working on my designs when Vin went up to me and this is how it went:

Me: Why Bibin? Are you sad?

Vin: Because mama i have been waiting and waiting and waiting for my turn to play. (Bea and Sam are playing playstaion and they take turns, parang challenge the winner) But until now it's still not my turn to play....

Me: Okay, tell your sisters it is your turn when one is done, okay? Bibin do not grab it ha ... tell them first.

Vin: Okay mama, i will just WHINE??


Nick Pics

It was not a sunny day for the Nick carnival and that was a welcome treat for the kids as the time was 3:00 pm, it actually drizzled a little bit but that did not dampen the spirits of the three excited kids. At the registration the three kids were treated to nick loot bags and raffle stubs and a small map as to where they should go and play the games. The first thing we did was play three games so they can collect three stamps for them to get a chance to get a Nick Token (first 1000 kids who gets three stamps are eligible for it) and off they trooped to the sunken treasure booth to get it ... and it was a cute yellow head-umbrella :)

Then we went and played the games and visited the different booths scattered around the field. The kids had a great time seeing Sponge Bob, Patrick Star and Danny Phantom on stage! They had different prizes form the games they played and were very proud with the stamps they had on their arms. :)

We stayed for two hours then went to a nearby McDonald's with their cousins for a snack, then headed to Market Market (as i had to buy some things for my orders) and Christian took care of them in the inflatable playground for 30 minutes while i attended to my business. When we met up we bought the kids orange snow cones and went to my mom's house for dinner and to be with their other cousins. It was again another fun-filled Saturday for the kids. :)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Off to the Nickelodeon Carnival tomorrow

It's going to be another busy weekend!

Will be going to the Nick Carnival tomorrow, but before that i have to go to their school to get some stuff int the morning, and then head on to the Fort, the go to my Mom's house in the evening.

Sunday is lined up with two parties and deliveries and hopefully i can make a quick trip to the supermart (wishful thinking ...hahaha!)

You might like to go the Carnival too, here are the details:

(click to enlarge) See you there!

Be prepared

A nice lady named Victoria from Los Angeles left me a message in one of my posts, here is an excerpt of what she said:

"I found your blog searching for Southern California parents, and thought you might be interested in helping support our public service campaign for Disaster Preparedness while getting a free "Bug-Out Bag" in the process.

My name is Victoria and I am with Rocket XL, a marketing agency based in Los Angeles. The State of California has asked us to help them identify around 50 leading independent voices in the SoCal online community to become part of this emergency preparedness pilot program. We hope that you will share your views and opinions about this program with your readers through your blog.

To learn more about this program, please visit this site that we have created for your convenience. .... "

I visited the site and would like to help the program in any way i can. I feel the act of being prepared for anything is really essential and should be given priority especially by us parents as we have small children who look up to us. It us our sole responsibility to make sure that we have everything covered. So i recommend my blog readers to go and visit the site and to spread the word around ... it is always good to be prepared, girl's scouts honor.

Playground smiles

Vin just loves going to the playground just like his sisters! Most of the time when the girls have activities Vin is on his own and i usually bring him to the playground to while away the time while waiting for the girls. He does not mind playing on his own as he is really enjoying jumping, running and sliding around.
Look at the happy smile of my little boy!

Say "Cheese!" na lang siya, para makapaglaro na ... hehehe!
Paparazzi mommy attacks!

"Can i slide now mama?"

Investing in gold bars

We are always watching movies and the usual plots are the people are out in search of gold bars right? Why you wonder? Because Gold is a precious metal that always appreciates and will never depreciate and that is one of the things that make this metal a good commodity to have and invest in. I have always been a fan of gold pieces and have a few tucked in the bank safe for safekeeping. Investing in gold bars will never steer you in the wrong direction, this is one investment that will surely be a winner in the long run. Another reminder though, just be sure to purchase from reputable gold dealers so you get the real thing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feed me up

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Play Station 2

Now that summer is here .... the kids (Vin included) really have a lot of time on their hands. I really want to make use of all this free time by going on daily trips to the mall and weekend vacations too. Will post pictures of our 4 day Baguio trip and Caylabne beach outing within the week.

Am douing some serious backtracking ... hahaha!

Anyway, Christian and i have decided to get the kids a playstation (we have ps1, kaya lang it conked out on us from not playing with it, naluma ..heheh!) Ever since the game boy entered it has always been that ... but seeing the new ps2 games, im sure they will like it more.

Will buy the ps2 sa weekend .. still waiting for my bid on ebay to end. :)

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Napapadance ako sa number ko ah ... hehehe!
Passing on this tag to eds and raquel :)

Mcdo Crew girls soon

Went to McD last night and had the two girls listed for Mcd's crew camp this summer. They were able to join last year and they had lots of fun.

They will join the 3rd batch, afternoon .... hmmmm, looks like Vin and i will have the mall to ourselves for one whole week.

Bea and Sam are excited na nga eh, they will have some time to do simple counter duties, like arranging orders on the tray, drawing drinks (their favorite!) and going around the lobby area of mcdo giving out napkins and ketchup ... hahaha!

There is also about an hour for arts and craft, like bag decorating, slipper painting, etc.

Have to go to the mall on the weekend and buy them hairnets. :)

Will post pictures next week.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Power Ranger

To date Vin has 6 power ranger shirts!

Anywhere we go he would insist on wearing power ranger (he even has a costume of a red power ranger) and his favorite is the RED power ranger. When looking at the downloaded pictures from my camera i can't help but notice that he is always wearing a power ranger shirt ... hahahh! Parang di nagpapalit ng damit!

He also has the complete DVD collection of the different kinds of Power Rangers (Mystic Force, SPD, Dino Thunder and may isa pa it just escaped my mind, Time Force ata)

He even has 2 game boy games, 2 pc cd rom games and 1 ps game!

This is the longest fad for him ..... tapos na siya sa spiderman, blues clues, barney and hi-5!

Auto Recycling

Went with Christian to motor shop to have the car checked before we embarked on our trip to Baguio last week. I overheard the owner of the auto shop talk about his latest find on midwest auto recycling and he has been looking through this as it is very promising. It puts your parts that you think is no longer valuable into something that can still work. From what i understand no recycled auto part is given to a consumer without properly testing and configuration to ensure the safety of the auto part. This would really be a great help not only to the prospective customer as he can surely get it a lower price but to our environment as well.

4 day break

The kids really had a grand time in Baguio!

The cool air really perked their spirits up and you could say that this one vacation they will not forget.

The days were filled with fun activities for them, to the point that the "main" reason we made the trip aside from a vacation was to scout for houses halos di na namin nagawa.

They skated at Burnham Park, they rode the bike (naka 3 bike sessions kami, as in last hour na namin sa Baguio, they requested one more hour of biking before we hit home) hehehe.

Rode the boat as well, i was excused sa boat riding (Christian took them) as i had an impromptu outdoor manicure and pedicure ... hahahah!

Went down La Trinidad to give the three kids a taste of strawberry picking, and they really had fun!

Will post pictures later, have to sort them out ... heheheh!