Monday, March 24, 2008

Rizal Park trip

Bea and Sam has always studied "Rizal Park", "Bagumbayan" and "Jose Rizal" so i decided to bring them there so they can appreciate what they have learned in Civics and Filipino when they see the actual place and monument.

They were excited when i told them that we were going ... told them din that we can bring their bikes, skates and brought a cooler ... made a instant picnic out of it na din!

Was surprised to find out that Rizal's monument is now cordoned off, and you have to view it from afar. I remember the time we frequented Luneta when i was younger na you could actually try and talk to the guards (of course they will not answer or look at you ... hehehe) but now you can hardly make out their faces. But since the kids did not know that they were excited just the same. There were a lot of tourists too having their pictures taken, kaya feeling turista tuloy kami ... hehehe!

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