Tuesday, March 25, 2008

PBB Teen Edition plus

After all the hype of the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition made on me, i wondered if i would have the same enthusiasm over the next PBB teenplus edition .... ho-hum.

Frankly, i am not interested ... but who knows.

I actually realized that i have never followed a PBB edition like that of the PBB celeb2 edition ... even the 1st one did not catch my attention, even with Rustom's confession ... hehehe!

I was even surprised to know that Beatrice Saw (who i was accustomed to see her as a host) was actually a big winner in one of the editions ... what??!!!

Just shows that i really was not into it.

Will this new one spartk my interest ... maybe not.

I would rather watch the American Idol ... though this too has lost it's magic on me.

I better just stick to blogging ... that i like! hahahha!

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