Monday, March 17, 2008

My design site updated at last

Finally was able to upload my design site with finished designs, took me almost a day just sorting them as to which folder it should belong. A friend of mine asked me when ba daw ang "peak season" ... come to think not a week has passed that i don't have a new (usually 3 to 4 new clients) design work to do ... but the november and december months really left me breathless! I was at that time declining to some design work because i will not be able to finish it on time. Luckily, some client friends understood and was willing to wait (especially the orders for coffeetable books) since they are not pressing requirements as it is already a finished occasion.

For those who have not visited my design site, feel free to do so as i have updated it.

Though i was not able to answer queries from the site, only those who email me directly, had no time to check on the messages there, my apologies.

Enjoy what you see! :)

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