Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Week Activities

Have no plans to go out of town at this point ... but things can still change. But given the chance to stay home and finally relax is something i look forward to. I am happy that summer break for the two girls have started and Christian will also be home. Complete na uli. :)

Have made the grocery last sunday to stock up on food to get ready for the endless munching throughout the vacation. The supermarket was really packed, and looking at the filled up carts you really know that Filipinos just love to eat. The mall closed on us as we are checking out so we decided to have a quick snack at Jollibee outside the mall, and lo and behold, dami din tao!

I asked the cashier if it is always like this here, and he replied "Hindi po maam, ngayon lang", looks like we all were thrown out of the mall without getting a bite to eat. hahahah!

Anyway, if we do decide to have an impromptu trip i asked Christian to have the car checked and have it ready for long driving. hehehe!

Who knows, we might make a quick trip to Tagaytay or Clark during the break.

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