Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fly Kite Fly!

Since the Luneta Kite Flying , the kite has not left the car and has been a favorite activity to do whenever the kids find a place where they can fly it. Sam or Bea would hold the kite and throw it upwards and away it goes. Easy lang pala to fly a kite!


Area Rugs said...

Reminds me of the movie the kite runner -- only it's in filipino. Mabuhay kabayan! You got a pretty nice blog going on in here.

Heidi said...

i've grown this old but has never flown a kite... I've watched others do it though and the colorful contraptions look beautiful floating and flying up in the sky, I guess I'm satisfied just watching them even though I don't know the first thing on how to make them fly. :)

Anonymous said...