Monday, March 17, 2008

Enchanted the movie

Just love the movie "Enchanted", brings out the little girl in me ... hehehe!

Time when life was all so simple, that true love is someone who can sing a duet with you ... lol!

I have never been a fan of Patrick Dempsey, but i really liked him here! Actually spent the afternoon downloading songs from the movie ... my favorite song "so close" sang by Jon Mclaughlin is now playing while i type this. :)

Bought Bea a game boy of Enchanted na nga din eh ... hehehe, overkill!

La lang this for me is one feel good movie, omeething that you don't have to decipher mga hidden meanings to understand a movie, i was entertained. :)

Need i say more? hahaha!

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Jesse Pega said...

Hi Melisse!

I so love Enchanted too!! I love the songs, so close is also my favorite. I can't help but also sing the other songs "Happy Working Song", "That's how you know" and "True Love's Kiss"!!!

Kakaloka this movie! I feel like a child again. Also, love Patrick here :)