Monday, March 24, 2008

Busy Easter Day

Our colorful easter eggs

We had a fun filed Easter celebration! The three kids really had a grand time as we had a lot of activities!

The two girls woke up early Sunday morning and rushed to McDonald's where they had a easter egg hunting activity complete with games to start the day ... dun pa lang happy na sila.

When we stepped out of McD, was suprised that there was an ongoing easter activity at the center mall ... so off we trooped there ... and before they knew it we were decorating easter eggs with colorful glitters. :)

Then they asked to go to the playground ... so we went.

Had lunch at the mall.

Went to my mama to decorate eggs for a late afternoon egghunting.. but before that happened we went to the Fort to fly a kite, bike and ride their scooter ... whew!

What a day!

Sam said when we were on our way home, "Thanks mama, this is one of the best days!" ... that simple remark made all the pagod go away.

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