Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back Ache

I have been bothered by severe back pain for quite some time ... and i am a bit worried. The pain is something that makes me want to lie down for a while during the day even when i know i have hordes of things do. Luckily, the kids understand that they should not indulge in any mischief while i am having my 5 to 10 minute sofa break.

I am thinking nga na baka i am low na on calcium having breastfed three children and Vin's bf sessions really extended way over the "breastfeeding is best for children up to 2 years" benchmark ... hehehe!

Will start drink milk ... will buy later.

Or take a calcium supplement.

Basta, something has to be done, i can't walk around the house popping pain relievers and smelling like a newly opened bengay tube.

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