Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fly Kite Fly!

Since the Luneta Kite Flying , the kite has not left the car and has been a favorite activity to do whenever the kids find a place where they can fly it. Sam or Bea would hold the kite and throw it upwards and away it goes. Easy lang pala to fly a kite!

Various Credit Cards

The saying "Your credit is good, but we need cash" no longer holds water nowadays. We all need to have a back up for our expenses especially to things we always use and frequently purchase. It would really be a good idea to get a credit card to handle the finances and get something from what we buy, like rebates, exclusive perks and major discounts you usually do not get if you are not a credit card holder! Am actually going through a couple of Credit Card Applications and some of them look promising and eventually give me more for what i paid for. Will study my options on which is the best card ... and the shopping spree begins!

Outdoor fun

Brought the kids out to bike, scooter and skate freely last Sunday, and they really enjoyed it! Vin was very excited to be able to bike, being used to biking indoors .. hehehe!

The two girls were suppose to bring their skates, but found out too late that they left the bag at home .. sob... sniff. They then had to settle for the small scooter that Christian brought along just in case Vin gets bored with the bike.

Will try to this every weekend .. will post pictures of Bea' s kite on my next post.

Panel Interview

Christian just texted me that he is scheduled for a 5:00 pm panel interview by the board of directors and region head for the position for Baguio. Am excited for him, i know he will knock them dead. Looks Baguio is going to push through after all.

I have mixed feelings really, especially with the premiss that if Christian do land the job, then there would be no turning back ... scary. hahahha!

Ang gulo noh.

Well, i leave it to Him ... He will know best.

I will just be ready to accept whatever the outcome is with open arms.

Vacation badly needed

Summer is here and the family really needs to have a great vacation that will mark the summer officially open! Was marveling at the splendid All Inclusive Cancun Vacations that i really wish we could make. It would surely be a vacation to remember. I always have said "seize the day .. live life, no worries" with this kind of vacation i might just do that. I will surely throw all my worries in the air as i submit myself to the pleasure of this vacation, let me experience a dream escape for the family to enjoy and remember after many summers from now. Wishful thinking .... not!

Be happy ... live happy!

Back Ache

I have been bothered by severe back pain for quite some time ... and i am a bit worried. The pain is something that makes me want to lie down for a while during the day even when i know i have hordes of things do. Luckily, the kids understand that they should not indulge in any mischief while i am having my 5 to 10 minute sofa break.

I am thinking nga na baka i am low na on calcium having breastfed three children and Vin's bf sessions really extended way over the "breastfeeding is best for children up to 2 years" benchmark ... hehehe!

Will start drink milk ... will buy later.

Or take a calcium supplement.

Basta, something has to be done, i can't walk around the house popping pain relievers and smelling like a newly opened bengay tube.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bea's appetite

Finally i seemed to notice ever since summer break started that Bea is eating more than what she used to. Among the three kids, Bea is who you could call a "picky eater" ... she would rather eat the food she is used to everyday and not say "what this again?" than try on a new food. She rarely takes second servings and could last long without having a snack especially if she is playing.

I am happy now that i see her eating more and have had a few meals where she would request for another serving. Sam and Vin are adventurous eaters and would always be eager to take a first big bite to something that looks unfamiliar and hear them say "Mmmm, it's yummy."

Am taking it slow with bea ... but happy that she is building a good appetite now.

Legal rights

Just watched a movie that involved loss of a loved one caused by another person. It is actually a reality that we all have to face as it is happening around us. The characters were depicting so much pain and anguish over the tragedy and had no strength to pursue a case. It then surprised me to find out that there is help for these kind of situations with the emergence of wrongful death attorneys in Austin and this is something that i was not even aware of. Nowadays, there is help available given this circumstance when can no longer think straight, these are professionals whose expertise lies in this line of situation. One is given assistance when you need it most.

Burning the midnight oil

I have come to terms with the reality that i function well after midnight ... scary. Really, this is actually my peak hours as my mind is free of anything pressing to do. I have no meals to prepare, no kids to feed, bathe, play with, no phone calls to handle, no laundry, no cooking, nothing. I have often been answered by emails asking if the time of my reply to them is correct ... yes i do answer my emails and even send my design layouts till 4:30 in the morning. I have the computer to myself and often i have a midnight snack in front of me to keep me company.

I am sure a lot of sahm can relate to that ... i often have the most interesting ym chats usaully at this time. :)

Local tourists

Any chance to have a photo opp we grabbed it ... hehehe! Here we are in front of a bed of Sampaguita flowers ... our national flower. Saw some Maya birds flying around and i pointed out that it is our national bird ... Bea said they changed it na, national bird is the monkey eating eagle na pala ... well i said in the olden days, it was the maya bird. hehehe!

While walking i asked Christian to buy me green mangoes ... then i said "Sam, the national fruit .. mango!" hehehe! We walked on by a statue of a carabao and she said "Mama, look, a carabao, the national animal". So there goes one national day at the park.

Personalize it

I just love putting names on everything my kids own. Gives things even clothes some character and it makes it more special. I have always been invited to baby showers and christenings and it has always been noticed that personalized baby gifts are the most perfect thing to give on these occasions. You not only show the recipient of the gift how special she is that you have taken time out to think of a special gift but you are likewise assured that your gift will have no duplicate with the other gifts they will receive. Everytime i give a gift i make sure to give out an impression that i treasure the person i am giving it to making an effort by personalizing it.

PBB Teen Edition plus

After all the hype of the Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition made on me, i wondered if i would have the same enthusiasm over the next PBB teenplus edition .... ho-hum.

Frankly, i am not interested ... but who knows.

I actually realized that i have never followed a PBB edition like that of the PBB celeb2 edition ... even the 1st one did not catch my attention, even with Rustom's confession ... hehehe!

I was even surprised to know that Beatrice Saw (who i was accustomed to see her as a host) was actually a big winner in one of the editions ... what??!!!

Just shows that i really was not into it.

Will this new one spartk my interest ... maybe not.

I would rather watch the American Idol ... though this too has lost it's magic on me.

I better just stick to blogging ... that i like! hahahha!

Baguio Job

Christian came home today with news that there is a present opening in their Baguio office. Happy with the news as it looks like my plans to live in Baguio might finally materialize. I actually have mixed feelings towards the big move ... but truthfully i am leaning more on residing there than staying in Manila.

But like i always say, God will help me decide, i leave it up to Him. Christian and i will just do our part ... look for a job ... scout for a good school ... look at houses this April ... and see how things will come along.

I will not feel bad if we do not eventually make the move this year .. there is always next year ... no need to rush things ... thy will be done.

Blisters no more

Got Bea new shoes for her recognition rites two weeks ago and had no time to break it in as it was going to be used the very next day. Luckily, discovered an effective Blister Treatment on the internet and used it right away. These are small patches that actually carry all the friction intended for your sensitive skin away from you. So you are breaking in your shoes without having to go through a painful blisters that we have been used to whenever we have new shoes. These blister prevention patches work wonders on any kind of shoes, even rubber shoes. It can be applied on to alleviate blister woes and most especially for preventing the onset of blisters. It actually works two ways ... as a aid to blistered skin and as preventive measure too!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Kite Flying

Bea had her first kite flying activity when we were at Luneta last Saturday. It was good that there was a strong breeze so she had a great time flying it. Christian helped her a little and she was on her own. She would let Sam and Vin hold the string for a while when she ate her cheese rings. Look at how high her kite went, not bad for a first timer i must say. We know call her the Kite flying champion! :)

Lenten Break

The Lenten Break really did a lot to my workload, was able to accomplish many designs especially the ones that have deadlines to meet. We had first planned to go up to Baguio but decided on the last minute to change the plans and go after the holy week, hoping that costs would be less (since feeling ko di na gaanong peak season) but of course it's still summer, and Baguio is what ... the summer capital! hahaha!

As of this writing we are scheduled to have a four day trip to Baguio second weekend of April, i am so excited! Have to wrap up all my design before my vacation begins, would not want to run to internet cafes there to finish up :)

New York Hotel Deals

Summer vacation planning has really kicked in, and we are actually thinking of places to go to make the summer worth it. Careful planning is really needed, and one of the places possibly visited this summer is New York. Although we have some relatives there, i would not like to disturb them and put them up by having guests. I have been searching and found a good New York Hotel Deal that could actually make our stay in the Big Apple inexpensive yet still be in the heart of the city where the activities are in. With this deal i might be able to squeeze in a longer stay in the city of lights at minimal cost!

Rizal Park trip

Bea and Sam has always studied "Rizal Park", "Bagumbayan" and "Jose Rizal" so i decided to bring them there so they can appreciate what they have learned in Civics and Filipino when they see the actual place and monument.

They were excited when i told them that we were going ... told them din that we can bring their bikes, skates and brought a cooler ... made a instant picnic out of it na din!

Was surprised to find out that Rizal's monument is now cordoned off, and you have to view it from afar. I remember the time we frequented Luneta when i was younger na you could actually try and talk to the guards (of course they will not answer or look at you ... hehehe) but now you can hardly make out their faces. But since the kids did not know that they were excited just the same. There were a lot of tourists too having their pictures taken, kaya feeling turista tuloy kami ... hehehe!

On a roll

I am officially on a roll with the tags, posts and opps that i would like to do. I have a lot of pictures of the things we have done and i can't believe that all of these happened this whole month. I have yet to post birthday pictures of my mama at the beach, bea and vin's birthday, weekend activities and easter.

I have dedicated a full hour to do this, hopefully with the present drive i am in i will be able to get at least half done ... hehehe!

Here's to me and my ever loyal computer to finish my goal ... goodluck to me! lol!

Civic Radiator

Christian is happy with his recent find, finally one way to lessen his car expense ... and that is one of the things that can put a smile on his face. His Civic Radiator is a good deal he is happy with. He likes the idea of having a hand on the parts he purchases and not rely on a middleman to make the sale. He is likewise assured that the parts he will get is genuine and thus not lead to any kind of problem in the future which eventually lead to added expense. He always says that you can never be too sure with car parts if you do not do a thing about it and just rely on what the mechanic has to say.

Busy Easter Day

Our colorful easter eggs

We had a fun filed Easter celebration! The three kids really had a grand time as we had a lot of activities!

The two girls woke up early Sunday morning and rushed to McDonald's where they had a easter egg hunting activity complete with games to start the day ... dun pa lang happy na sila.

When we stepped out of McD, was suprised that there was an ongoing easter activity at the center mall ... so off we trooped there ... and before they knew it we were decorating easter eggs with colorful glitters. :)

Then they asked to go to the playground ... so we went.

Had lunch at the mall.

Went to my mama to decorate eggs for a late afternoon egghunting.. but before that happened we went to the Fort to fly a kite, bike and ride their scooter ... whew!

What a day!

Sam said when we were on our way home, "Thanks mama, this is one of the best days!" ... that simple remark made all the pagod go away.

Diner Dash Mania

I must admit the game Diner Dash Flo on the go is taking up a chunk of my time in front of the computer ... hehehe!

Brings out the child in me!

Bea is the first to try it and now she has to beg for a turn ... because i am always playing!

Playing it does a good thing for me, makes me relax especially when i have a lot of design work, it serves as an intermission with every client i do. I always come up with excuses so i can play ... lol!

There are actually 3 versions, i have diner dash 2 (the one on the boat cruise), am looking forward on buying the other versions too!


Summer time is one of the peak season for wedding events here in the Philippines. I remember i was in complete control of my wedding preparations from the invites down to my wedding gown and that of the color theme of the entourage. I always had magazines, pictures of brides and my ever reliable filofax all through out the planning stage. I documented everything from receipts to all the sketches of the gowns. Nowadays, you can get instant help through the internet to get a hassle free preparation with every small detail you need. I just wish at the time i was planning it i had all this information, checklists and choices when i was planning my wedding 10 years ago to attain a fuss free and perfect wedding.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Holy Week Activities

Have no plans to go out of town at this point ... but things can still change. But given the chance to stay home and finally relax is something i look forward to. I am happy that summer break for the two girls have started and Christian will also be home. Complete na uli. :)

Have made the grocery last sunday to stock up on food to get ready for the endless munching throughout the vacation. The supermarket was really packed, and looking at the filled up carts you really know that Filipinos just love to eat. The mall closed on us as we are checking out so we decided to have a quick snack at Jollibee outside the mall, and lo and behold, dami din tao!

I asked the cashier if it is always like this here, and he replied "Hindi po maam, ngayon lang", looks like we all were thrown out of the mall without getting a bite to eat. hahahah!

Anyway, if we do decide to have an impromptu trip i asked Christian to have the car checked and have it ready for long driving. hehehe!

Who knows, we might make a quick trip to Tagaytay or Clark during the break.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Longest line

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Snag this if you still don't have this :)

Calla lilies

Flowers play a great factor in making a wedding successful. There are many things to consider and getting the correct kind of flower is very crucial, may it be for the simplest corsage to the exquisite bridal bouquet. Cost of flowers can really make a mark on the couple's budget, so it is really a wise move to purchase quality wholesale calla lilies to bring class and beauty to any wedding. You are assured that they get to you fresh and ready to make your special day something to remember not only by the couple but by the wedding guests. A wedding pitfall is getting low grade kinds of flowers and that is one of the things that should be avoided at all cost. Looking around and getting the best deal when it comes to cost and quality is very important to ensure a great flower arrangement to astound your friends and family.

Enchanted the movie

Just love the movie "Enchanted", brings out the little girl in me ... hehehe!

Time when life was all so simple, that true love is someone who can sing a duet with you ... lol!

I have never been a fan of Patrick Dempsey, but i really liked him here! Actually spent the afternoon downloading songs from the movie ... my favorite song "so close" sang by Jon Mclaughlin is now playing while i type this. :)

Bought Bea a game boy of Enchanted na nga din eh ... hehehe, overkill!

La lang this for me is one feel good movie, omeething that you don't have to decipher mga hidden meanings to understand a movie, i was entertained. :)

Need i say more? hahaha!

My design site updated at last

Finally was able to upload my design site with finished designs, took me almost a day just sorting them as to which folder it should belong. A friend of mine asked me when ba daw ang "peak season" ... come to think not a week has passed that i don't have a new (usually 3 to 4 new clients) design work to do ... but the november and december months really left me breathless! I was at that time declining to some design work because i will not be able to finish it on time. Luckily, some client friends understood and was willing to wait (especially the orders for coffeetable books) since they are not pressing requirements as it is already a finished occasion.

For those who have not visited my design site, feel free to do so as i have updated it.

Though i was not able to answer queries from the site, only those who email me directly, had no time to check on the messages there, my apologies.

Enjoy what you see! :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friendship Chain

Working on my tags ... hehehe!

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Tagging suzanne (also my favorite!) will do my tag and get my award soon! :)

Enchanted Kingdom

Had a grand time last Friday at Enchanted Kingdom! The three kids and Christian had a blast! Have tons of pictures to post. Bea celebrated her 10th birthday there!

We practically had the place to ourselves. Since it was a week day there was no queue in any of the ride, they even ran back to the entrance of the ride they like to do again! Christian was is his elements being the "official" chaperone in all the rides as i was not really up to riding and was content taking their pictures and munching on some snacks! hehehhe!

Here are some of the hundreds of pictures! We stayed there till closing time. Officially we were the second to the last car to leave the parking lot. hahaha!

What a fun day!

Fashion School

Being in fashion nowadays really needs work, it is not something that you should take for granted and just wear the first thing you lay your hands when you reach inside your closet. Came across fashion schools in california and found it very interesting. Searched further and was happy to find out that there are also good fashion schools in los angeles to choose from. Taking charge of your fashion sense will really work on an advantage especially if you enroll in reputable fashion school in california to keep your fashion prowess at par with the fashion world.

Bea's school honors

Bea has been a consistent honor student since preschool and have always been proud of her! Learning for her has become an enjoyable activity and i am blessed that my two girls (Bea and Sam) just love going to school! I really hope they continue their good school habits till they grow up!

Last March 14, which also happens to be Bea's 10th birthday she received honors in school. After the ceremony we all went to the mall to have a quick birthday lunch, then trooped to the supermarket to buy food to eat for our birthday treat at Enchanted Kingdom!

With Vin on stage with Ate Bea. We went up the stage twice, as she got two awards!

One proud Momma!

Rare gold coins

Lately my daughter has grown an interest with old coins after seeing a rare coin collection of my father. She asked tons of questions about every coin trying to decipher the history behind a small coin. She was amazed that some dated back to dates she did not even know existed. My father has a vast collection of rare coins, and Bea was very interested in a particular gold coin that she saw in the collection. My father was more than willing to share what he knows about each coin he has in his collection and that he really takes pride in all of them. I searched the internet and found Monaco Rare Coins impressive array of coins available for the budding and long time collector as well. I will definitely give the site to my father to be his reputable partner in building and safeguarding his collection with hones, best prices in the coin collection arena.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Posts promised early next week

Things have been really busy ... last week of school, recognition day practices, bea and vin's birthday, design work load, mother duties, my new blog ... and a lot more!

I just wanted to squeeze in a post to say i will be coming back with a vengeance with "post"posts!! Have not even posted pictures from the beach, my kids getting their honors in school, skating activities .... hay!

To top it all my opps have expired on me! wah!

See you all next week!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Big Cyber Hug

Thanks for this cute bear Abie!

Passing off this warm cyber hug to all my blog links :)
We all deserve a soft cuddle!

Bea's invite

It's Bea's birthday on Friday, time sure flies ... she will be ten! :)

She had a hard time thinking of what theme she wanted for her birthday, there was Phineas and Ferb (a disney cartoon), Enchanted Movie (Giselle), HSMusical2 and Pokemon.

And the Pokemon mania won!

Here is what i made for Bea ... and when she saw it in the morning she was so happy and said, "Wow, Mama, I have my very own Pokemon card!" heheheh!

Printed this on photopaper (3r size) and put them in envelopes ready to be given out :)

Monday, March 10, 2008


With the many paid blogging sites available i just joined Snapbomb and believe me it looks promising! Among my friends this is the latest buzz and of course would not want to be left behind. Looked at the site and the blog marketing looks great. I am now making my very first post for them and hopefully get more opportunities with Snapbomb in the days to come. We all love to write and what be more fulfilling to have our efforts compensated and appreciated at the same time. We are in a way helping each other, we study the product and if we think highly of ir then we write about it and tell our readers what they could be missing out. I am glad paid blogging has become available to us bloggers!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Creamaid rocks!

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I actually forgot about Creamaid na nga eh! Mapuntahan nga uli... hehehe!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Family Fun

Here is our latest family picture, taken last Sunday at Caylabne, having our first taste of summer break ... went to the beach to celebrate my mom's birthday and we really had a great time!

The three kids just loved the sand and loved the pool time fun, but nothing beats the joy of having the whole family around! Will post tons of pictures soon , dami eh! hehehe! Will download lang first. :)

But for now, this one muna :)

Summer na!

Blog awards anew :)

Thanks Zane!

I am passing these great awards to ALL my blog friends, we all deserve a pat on the back for making our blogs look good! Kudos to bloggers!