Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Buzz

It's a Sunday, and am bombarded again with showbiz talk shows from two different channels .. haha! Since i am scanning a lot of things for my next design i decided to open the tv (mute lang) and attend to my opps before they expire (again!) and finally have a chance to post pictures and kwentos that have long been sitting here sa camera. So i downloaded the pictures, resized them so it would not take long to load here at blogspot and finally post them!

Though Sunday is rest day for others, it is actually for me a preparation for tomorrows havoc (hahaha!) so we have to go to the grocery in a while to get some small things for baon that they like as of this moment. Ever changing mga things na gusto nila kaya it's hard to stack up on a particular grocery kasi they might lose interest and that leave me and Christian to finish it before it expires! Hehehe!

Woke up rather early today to do some laundry chores, and set up the wading pool for them to swim, but they swam just a mere 30 minutes as it was medyo cloudy kaya gininaw din kaagad, so much for my 2 hours spent pumping air and filling up the pool ... hahaha! When the kids and i went down after swimming, told Christian to deflate it na at wala na akong powers to fix it. Buti na lang pumayag kaagad!

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