Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No school today!

The two girls went home yesterday with news that there would be no classes today (Wednesday) as it Parañaque day!!! Hehehe! They ask me what will happen because it was Parañaque day .... made me think ... hmmm... maybe they will have a party at City Hall ... Sam's eyes lighted up and said, "Mama, can we go to the party?!" hehehehe!!!

The day off is badly needed as exams for the two girls are scheduled on thursday and friday ... boy, do we need this day to review! As of this writing i am finished reviewing Sam ... whew ... sunog na ang isang kilay ko ... di bale may isa pa ... hehehe!

Taking a quick break naman and start Bea's review.

Bilib ako sa mga naghohomeschool ... it can really be taxing! What makes it difficult for us really is ang kulit ni Vin!!!!! While nasa gitna kami ng explanation, he would say he wants to eat, then he want to play computer but he needs help, maya maya gameboy naman daw, tapos go to the bathroom, then he wants to lie down, then he wants Sam to play with him, then he wants to sit on my lap, can i carry him daw? at kung ano ano pa! hay!

But it would really be nice kung ako na lang magtuturo sa mga girls as in careerin ko na. But i guess i really do not have the luxury to do that just yet. Talagang home reinforcement ang aking maiaambag sa kanila.

I am really glad my girls love school kasi kung hindi naku problema yun.

I often would ask Vin if he wants to go to school na and he would say "No mama, i want you!" hahahah!

Oh, well, we will see if it's the little boy's turn na.

O sige, will tackle Bea's workload na muna. Later!

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