Thursday, February 28, 2008

A new you

Was watching the Oscars and was admiring the looks of the "stars", can't help but think of what enhancements they have to go through and the beauty regimen they have to follow to maintain their stars-like aura. Being a star entails a lot of pressure to appear always good looking, i am assuming they all have their own cosmetic surgeon to take care of their needs. Looking good for them really is not just for their own benefit but it is becoming an obligation for their fans and the people who see them.

Out of curiosity, i searched the net for available enhancements and found los angeles breast implants quite inviting. They even offer out-patient procedures so you won't have to stay in the clinic and rest at home. I assume this a quick procedure given that these are done by a reliable plastic surgeons using state-of-the-art equipments.

I looked at the state of my tummy now, after three pregnancies, i could be a good candidate to undergo a los angeles tummy tuck pretty soon! Come to think of it i am really open to this idea since i am assured of safety all through out the procedure. I actually have a number of mommy friends who have undergone this procedure and are happy and proud with the results.

This actually got me thinking that looking good not only should benefit other people who admire you but it should first give you some of happiness and YOU should feel good about it. I know for a fact that if you feel good about yourself, looking good comes naturally. Appearance is something that we should never take for granted lest forget making ourselve look pretty and presentable, we must always find ways to enhance ourselves because it does not only give us a feeling of accomplishment but we are enveloped with confidence to face just about anything that is given to us! Kudos to pretty mommies!

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