Monday, February 4, 2008

McDonalds Kids

Look how alive the kids' smiles are ... to think these pictures were taken at 1:30 am!!! We just came from watching the fireworks display at MOA then decided to visit McD for a snack, but instead they ate chicken and rice, seems they need all the energy after all the shouting during the fireworks display. :)

I am blessed with three very happy children, they are content with what they have and never have i seen them look at other children's things with envy ... they just admire other kids' toys then go on an play with what they have not telling me "mama, why does she have like that? Mama, buy me that too" or other things kids say ... they are very happy just having each other ... i just hope they remain like this forever. I know in my heart they will always look out for each other even when they are grown up.

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