Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is in the air ... ang lamig lately noh!? I really like the weather!

My two girls are having their exams from today till tomorrow and have promised them a great weekend after the tests! :)

Just so happy din kasi my nawie egroup Mari (Thanks mari!) sent me Baguio newspapers and i am so excited to plan the trip sa holyweek when school is off!

This trip will be our "deciding" factor if we will make the move. :)

I really want to move but there are really a lot of things to consider ... we postponed it na nga last summer ... so we will see. It is a big step kaya all things really have to be considered ... pero kung ako lang , "hello Baguio!" na ako! Hehehehe!

I have really prayed to Him to lead us to right decision ... and i know that He will never steer us wrong. So i will just play it by ear and let Him give me the signs as to what we should do ... but for now my job is to get as many information that i will need. Punta nga ako mamaya sa national and look kung may mabibiling map ng baguio, kasi madaming houses na nasa classified i don't know naman kung malayo sa city. One factor for me is ayoko ng malayo sa city, i want yung walking distance lang sa Session Road ... hehehe!

Anyway, looks good! Hope everything falls into place ... but whatever the outcome is i will be forever thankful because i know He will guide us every step of the way.

I can't wait for school break!

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mari said...

extra pala ako dito sa post mo :) i hope you will find the signs na nga if you will really move to Baguio. tagal ko hindi nakabisita sa site mo :) madalas silent mode lang ako... and now, meron ka pang domain na... congrats!!!

pa add din po... add na rin kita

thanks!!! see you in Baguio