Friday, February 29, 2008

Gearing for the beach

Yey! We will have our first taste of the beach tomorrow!

We are off to Caylabne at 7:00 am and if plans go on as scheduled we should be there before lunch time. It's my mom's birthday and what better way to celebrate the coming of summer but with a beach trip before it gets crowded ... hehehe!

Bea and Sam are busy reminiscing their past beach trips last night and were sharing it with Vin who is getting more excited by the minute, especially now that he can really appreciate the sand castle building, shell picking and jelly fish dodging activities more.

I still havde a lot of things to do and i think i should have a list for everything, mahirap na may iwanan pa, like before walang shoes si Vin sa isang out of town trip namin ... hehehe!

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