Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally it's a domain!

I have succumbed to the pr curse ... looks like there will be no miracle whatsoever for it to come back ... decided to get a custom domain to maybe find a way to resurrect and regain the elusive page rank. I initially wanted to have a separate blog with the custom domain (with the help of Abie (na napakabait sa mga tanong ko..hehehe)but with a few press of the buttons my old blog(melisse-essilem) merged with my custom domain ( so no matter what i do it seems ganito talaga ... hehehe!

So i guess okay na muna ito! :)

Maybe if i have it crawled by google using the domain name i might get a better pr since doomed na yung free blogspot url ko. Am still taking time to take out mga paid badges para baka naman sakali makapagpanggap pa kao..hahahha!

Well, here it is my blog is officially a ".com" :)

Goodluck to all of us blogging mommies and here's to more opps with new domains! :)

Will update din all my sites with the new url and try my luck on some sites na are exclusive to blogs with own domain ... hehehhe!

1 comment:

abie said...

sis, congrats sa new domain mo.

Read your offline msg. What happened? Nag create ka ba bago acct sa blogspot bago ko buy new domain?

Pwede mo pa ata palitan yung url ng old blogspot mo to restore it back to blogspot URL. Tapos gawa ka ng bagong blogspot, then eto ung i redirect mo using your domain name. Gets mo? Ym ka lang tom kung malabo.

Btw, I have tagged u:

I will update my links for your new domain