Sunday, February 3, 2008

Crafty Candles

Crafty threesome! Here are the creations of my three creative little ones! These are actually candles that we can use, though nanghihinayang akong sindihan, di kaya ng powers ko! hehehe!
Tiny wax balls in different colors were in plastic packs and empty glass containers and wicks were in the box of this candle making set. The three got one container each and carefully arranged the wax balls in their own style. It was a fast activity as they were excited to do it all at once! There are a lot of extra wax left behind, kaya will be going to the mall to buy maybe two more smaller containers for the extra wax balls.
Bea's creation!

Sam's colorful candle (she mixed all the colors!)

Vin's little candle work (saling pusa lang nga eh!)

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