Monday, February 4, 2008

Carnival Fun

Went to the Global Carnival at Mall of Asia with Bea, Sam, Vin, my sister and my mama ... and they had a great time especially sa mga game booths ... that costs P50 per game! They were able to bring home 2 stuffed toys! The three kiddies had fun in the inflatables and really sweated it out even if there was a cool breeze ..hehe!

Taking a cool break of their favorite strawberry icecream with their favorite "tata", na they were naguunahan to be partners with her at the carnival! Kasi when we leave i assign partners for them if we go out with my sisters and mom, i said "okay, who will be tata's partner?" ... all of them said "ME!!!!!" ... walang gustong pumartner sa akin...hahaha, sawa na! The winner was Vin! Na talaga naman did not let go :)

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