Friday, February 29, 2008

My new home, add me na ha

Since i converted this blog into a custom domain the domain bug bit me ... thus the birth of another blog! Naghanap ba ng sakit ng ulo? hahahaa!

Anyway, am still building up my links (super bagal ako) taking me the entire day na ng a just by linking to directories etc.

To those who i have left a cbox message na do add me na ha that means na-add ko na kayo, if wala pa ako sa site niyo (alphabetical kasi eh lol!) do add me na lang ha ... it's at

see you there as well!

have a great weekend!

Am thinking nga din to hati mga pending tags ko eh...hehehe, para pantay silang magkalaman..hehehe!

Pass it to front ...

Tagged by Abie, thanks ha!

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Will pass this to suzanne :)

Naku, i still have a lot of tags to do! heheheh! Overtime na ito!

Medical Equipments

While on the internet my cousin and i were messaging each other through yahoo messenger about her latest find on the net. We would always share each other's discoveries on good buys and deals that are available online. She is now currently happy with her find of good quality medical equipment for their small home clinic. Their clinic services their neighbors and the people around their village and is doing well. Since she is the only home clinic around her area she wants to make her clinic as complete and as up to date as she can. She is happy with the medical equipments that she has recently purchased to make her homey home clinic at par with small hospitals, after all she is servicing not strangers but good friends who have come to trust her.

Gearing for the beach

Yey! We will have our first taste of the beach tomorrow!

We are off to Caylabne at 7:00 am and if plans go on as scheduled we should be there before lunch time. It's my mom's birthday and what better way to celebrate the coming of summer but with a beach trip before it gets crowded ... hehehe!

Bea and Sam are busy reminiscing their past beach trips last night and were sharing it with Vin who is getting more excited by the minute, especially now that he can really appreciate the sand castle building, shell picking and jelly fish dodging activities more.

I still havde a lot of things to do and i think i should have a list for everything, mahirap na may iwanan pa, like before walang shoes si Vin sa isang out of town trip namin ... hehehe!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Finally it's a domain!

I have succumbed to the pr curse ... looks like there will be no miracle whatsoever for it to come back ... decided to get a custom domain to maybe find a way to resurrect and regain the elusive page rank. I initially wanted to have a separate blog with the custom domain (with the help of Abie (na napakabait sa mga tanong ko..hehehe)but with a few press of the buttons my old blog(melisse-essilem) merged with my custom domain ( so no matter what i do it seems ganito talaga ... hehehe!

So i guess okay na muna ito! :)

Maybe if i have it crawled by google using the domain name i might get a better pr since doomed na yung free blogspot url ko. Am still taking time to take out mga paid badges para baka naman sakali makapagpanggap pa kao..hahahha!

Well, here it is my blog is officially a ".com" :)

Goodluck to all of us blogging mommies and here's to more opps with new domains! :)

Will update din all my sites with the new url and try my luck on some sites na are exclusive to blogs with own domain ... hehehhe!

A new you

Was watching the Oscars and was admiring the looks of the "stars", can't help but think of what enhancements they have to go through and the beauty regimen they have to follow to maintain their stars-like aura. Being a star entails a lot of pressure to appear always good looking, i am assuming they all have their own cosmetic surgeon to take care of their needs. Looking good for them really is not just for their own benefit but it is becoming an obligation for their fans and the people who see them.

Out of curiosity, i searched the net for available enhancements and found los angeles breast implants quite inviting. They even offer out-patient procedures so you won't have to stay in the clinic and rest at home. I assume this a quick procedure given that these are done by a reliable plastic surgeons using state-of-the-art equipments.

I looked at the state of my tummy now, after three pregnancies, i could be a good candidate to undergo a los angeles tummy tuck pretty soon! Come to think of it i am really open to this idea since i am assured of safety all through out the procedure. I actually have a number of mommy friends who have undergone this procedure and are happy and proud with the results.

This actually got me thinking that looking good not only should benefit other people who admire you but it should first give you some of happiness and YOU should feel good about it. I know for a fact that if you feel good about yourself, looking good comes naturally. Appearance is something that we should never take for granted lest forget making ourselve look pretty and presentable, we must always find ways to enhance ourselves because it does not only give us a feeling of accomplishment but we are enveloped with confidence to face just about anything that is given to us! Kudos to pretty mommies!

It has been a while

Wow, it sure has been a while since i last updated this blog and i sure miss blogging ... my one and only excuse for missing out is .. busy talaga! Wish i could have more time in a day, then there are days naman na i wish matapos na .. hay!

Will try and catch up with my tags, my opps have long expired, though i think may isa pa ako na TODAY ang last day ..heheh! Will try and catch it! :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Long tests scores good!

The girls long test scores are in, and they did good! At least after all the reviewing they garnered good grades! Both Bea and Sam had some subjects were they got perfect scores! Yey!

Just so proud of my school girls .. really hope there zest for school does not wear off ... i often would tell them that it is not important for me to get high grades, what is important for me is that they understand their lessons and that they do their best, it will just follow. I do not want to instill in them that numbers are the only goal in a report card, it is what you have learned that counts!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Love is in the air ... ang lamig lately noh!? I really like the weather!

My two girls are having their exams from today till tomorrow and have promised them a great weekend after the tests! :)

Just so happy din kasi my nawie egroup Mari (Thanks mari!) sent me Baguio newspapers and i am so excited to plan the trip sa holyweek when school is off!

This trip will be our "deciding" factor if we will make the move. :)

I really want to move but there are really a lot of things to consider ... we postponed it na nga last summer ... so we will see. It is a big step kaya all things really have to be considered ... pero kung ako lang , "hello Baguio!" na ako! Hehehehe!

I have really prayed to Him to lead us to right decision ... and i know that He will never steer us wrong. So i will just play it by ear and let Him give me the signs as to what we should do ... but for now my job is to get as many information that i will need. Punta nga ako mamaya sa national and look kung may mabibiling map ng baguio, kasi madaming houses na nasa classified i don't know naman kung malayo sa city. One factor for me is ayoko ng malayo sa city, i want yung walking distance lang sa Session Road ... hehehe!

Anyway, looks good! Hope everything falls into place ... but whatever the outcome is i will be forever thankful because i know He will guide us every step of the way.

I can't wait for school break!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No school today!

The two girls went home yesterday with news that there would be no classes today (Wednesday) as it ParaƱaque day!!! Hehehe! They ask me what will happen because it was ParaƱaque day .... made me think ... hmmm... maybe they will have a party at City Hall ... Sam's eyes lighted up and said, "Mama, can we go to the party?!" hehehehe!!!

The day off is badly needed as exams for the two girls are scheduled on thursday and friday ... boy, do we need this day to review! As of this writing i am finished reviewing Sam ... whew ... sunog na ang isang kilay ko ... di bale may isa pa ... hehehe!

Taking a quick break naman and start Bea's review.

Bilib ako sa mga naghohomeschool ... it can really be taxing! What makes it difficult for us really is ang kulit ni Vin!!!!! While nasa gitna kami ng explanation, he would say he wants to eat, then he want to play computer but he needs help, maya maya gameboy naman daw, tapos go to the bathroom, then he wants to lie down, then he wants Sam to play with him, then he wants to sit on my lap, can i carry him daw? at kung ano ano pa! hay!

But it would really be nice kung ako na lang magtuturo sa mga girls as in careerin ko na. But i guess i really do not have the luxury to do that just yet. Talagang home reinforcement ang aking maiaambag sa kanila.

I am really glad my girls love school kasi kung hindi naku problema yun.

I often would ask Vin if he wants to go to school na and he would say "No mama, i want you!" hahahah!

Oh, well, we will see if it's the little boy's turn na.

O sige, will tackle Bea's workload na muna. Later!
Good friend Jacqui sent this Biggest Heart Award! Nice noh!


Valentine na tomorrow! Exciting kasi i have Valentine gifts na since last week pa for Bea and Sam :) Can't wait for them to open it!

Will send this advanced Valentine Award to kathy, raquel and juliana :) Advanced Happy Valentine's Day to you girls!

Protect yourself

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Friendship award

Thanks to Mhay for this Friendship award!

Funny but ever since the popularity of the exchange of blog links friends are easy to get and keep! Am passing off this award to my newest friend ... Sweetpea! Here's to more blog friends to come our way!

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Summer Swimsuits

Bought my two girls nice bathing suits from Fila, para ready na sila for summer! Bea chose the blue and lime suit while Sam after my prodding and assuring her that it is so cute finally said "yes" to this colorful flowery suit.

I took her picture when she tried it on sa fitting room, si Bea ang bilis magpalit kaya was not able to take a picture of her wearing it.

Ready to take on the beach!

5 Star Award

Wow! Thanks for this award Arlene! I feel like a star!

This 5-Star Blog Award is given to a blogger whose blog is of highest classification. A blog of excellence in the following criteria: content, design and style, informative and accomodating.

Really appreciate all the awards my blog gets, it's like an achievement that i cannot explain! Hehehe! I will likewise pass this 5 star award to great bloggers Suzanne (i know meron ka na, eh sa gusto ko eh... hehehe), Raquel and Joey Post niyo na sa inyong mga deserving blogs girls!

Bea with her new bangs

For the first time in 10 years ... Bea is sporting BANGS!!! Decided to give my growing girl a new look :)

She likes her new look and i always catch her putting every strand of her bangs in place ... heheh!

After she takes a bath she would bring the hairbrush and come to me saying "Mama can you brush my bangs, i don't know how." hahahah!

My little girl soon will become a tweenager come March 14!

Online Phd Programs

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Carnival Fun

Went to the Global Carnival at Mall of Asia with Bea, Sam, Vin, my sister and my mama ... and they had a great time especially sa mga game booths ... that costs P50 per game! They were able to bring home 2 stuffed toys! The three kiddies had fun in the inflatables and really sweated it out even if there was a cool breeze ..hehe!

Taking a cool break of their favorite strawberry icecream with their favorite "tata", na they were naguunahan to be partners with her at the carnival! Kasi when we leave i assign partners for them if we go out with my sisters and mom, i said "okay, who will be tata's partner?" ... all of them said "ME!!!!!" ... walang gustong pumartner sa akin...hahaha, sawa na! The winner was Vin! Na talaga naman did not let go :)

McDonalds Kids

Look how alive the kids' smiles are ... to think these pictures were taken at 1:30 am!!! We just came from watching the fireworks display at MOA then decided to visit McD for a snack, but instead they ate chicken and rice, seems they need all the energy after all the shouting during the fireworks display. :)

I am blessed with three very happy children, they are content with what they have and never have i seen them look at other children's things with envy ... they just admire other kids' toys then go on an play with what they have not telling me "mama, why does she have like that? Mama, buy me that too" or other things kids say ... they are very happy just having each other ... i just hope they remain like this forever. I know in my heart they will always look out for each other even when they are grown up.

Premium Miami Heat Seats

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi

Happy New Year!

The Chinese New Year is nearing as well, and the year of the rat enters and makes it mark! I was born year of the rooster so i don't know if this year will be more lucky than last year ... but just being alive and seeing your husband and children beside you makes you one of the luckiest person already no matter what your sign is!

Here are some pictures taken New Year's Eve as we celebrate it watching the grand fireworks display at Mall of Asia. We brought some sparklers (hahaha!) to make it more festive and to give the kids some sort of participation for the New Year events.

While waiting for midnight, the kids and my sister Loren gamely posed for the camera!
The kids had fun as expected! I was never into fire crackers which is why we opt to go and see the fireworks than stay home and endure the loud fire crackers competition amongst neighbors ... hehehe!

Excellent Blog

Wow! Excellent Blog Award!
Given to me by my good smartie/chat/now blog friend, Suzanne!

Awards for our blogs is always something that makes my day as it shows that there are real people who appreciate what you put in on this onine journal and that YOU are being heard! I am now passing this to ALL my blog pals as we all exert a lot of time and dedication in coming up with a blog that is worth reading and visiting! So to all my blog visitors, go ahead and get this award and post it on your well deserving blogs too! Congratulations!

Virus Free Computer

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Sunday Buzz

It's a Sunday, and am bombarded again with showbiz talk shows from two different channels .. haha! Since i am scanning a lot of things for my next design i decided to open the tv (mute lang) and attend to my opps before they expire (again!) and finally have a chance to post pictures and kwentos that have long been sitting here sa camera. So i downloaded the pictures, resized them so it would not take long to load here at blogspot and finally post them!

Though Sunday is rest day for others, it is actually for me a preparation for tomorrows havoc (hahaha!) so we have to go to the grocery in a while to get some small things for baon that they like as of this moment. Ever changing mga things na gusto nila kaya it's hard to stack up on a particular grocery kasi they might lose interest and that leave me and Christian to finish it before it expires! Hehehe!

Woke up rather early today to do some laundry chores, and set up the wading pool for them to swim, but they swam just a mere 30 minutes as it was medyo cloudy kaya gininaw din kaagad, so much for my 2 hours spent pumping air and filling up the pool ... hahaha! When the kids and i went down after swimming, told Christian to deflate it na at wala na akong powers to fix it. Buti na lang pumayag kaagad!

Crafty Candles

Crafty threesome! Here are the creations of my three creative little ones! These are actually candles that we can use, though nanghihinayang akong sindihan, di kaya ng powers ko! hehehe!
Tiny wax balls in different colors were in plastic packs and empty glass containers and wicks were in the box of this candle making set. The three got one container each and carefully arranged the wax balls in their own style. It was a fast activity as they were excited to do it all at once! There are a lot of extra wax left behind, kaya will be going to the mall to buy maybe two more smaller containers for the extra wax balls.
Bea's creation!

Sam's colorful candle (she mixed all the colors!)

Vin's little candle work (saling pusa lang nga eh!)

Fashionable Tank Tops

I just love dressing up especially now that i am already a mommy of three fast growing kids, looking good has become a factor that i do not want to neglect! I was searching the net for good and fashionable looking tank tops for everyday and special occasions and was so thrilled with what i discovered! I discovered Artful Wears and am so impressed with the array of designs and styles to suit my medium frame. I have actually bookmarked the site to show my sisters as they are also on the look out for great, low cost and smart buys, and this one site that offers both! I have also placed a few orders for my personal wardrobe as they are all so pretty and stylish! I can't wait to get them and finally wear them!

Baguio Bound

It's official! We are Baguio bound right after Bea's graduation to spend the holy week break there. This is going to be Vin's very Baguio trip as well. The last time we were in Baguio was 4 years ago, Vin was still in my stomach as i was battling morning sickness, but all the same i always enjoyed going to Baguio.

There are plans of actually residing in Baguio soon for good. This has been my long time "want", but there are a lot of things to consider before we make such a permanent move. We are still in the planning stage but it seems we are leaning more on staying in Baguio. Hmmmm ... the trip this holy week will spell a lot of difference as to our decision, i am so excited!

Waffle hotdog buyer

One of the favorite food that Vin wants in malls are waffle hotdogs, he even likes to go and buy it himself. Big boy na!

I would give him money and would just follow him as he approaches the cart and gets up on the ledge, he would say "One American hotdog please", then he would give his money, he would patiently wait for order and his change. I can't help but see how he has been growing so fast now.

Another sweet thing he would do after he gives me he change and before he makes his first bite, he would always say "Thank you mama" with all the sweetness in the world!

Phone system requirement solved

My sisters are starting a small office within the year and have been on the lookout for phone systems they can apply to their office to keep the entire office wired and connected for ease in transactions. She has been through a lot of different systems that would best suit their need, and a stand out for them is the Call Center VoIP Phone Systems that is the most efficient and effective in a lot of aspects. She is raving about the low start up cost to set it up which is a big factor than getting all your money tied down for a phone system. It is also attesting that it can weather storms and hurricanes so you are sure of uninterrupted connection. Added plus is the support you get from their agents and that it has a speedy set up time of only 7 days and it is ready to go! She is so happy with it and thinking that even if her business becomes big they will keep this phone system as it proves to be one major cause of their success.

Good grades

Got the report cards of Bea and Sam yesterday in school. I am so happy that they both had higher grades than what they had last quarter. Makes all the pagsusunog ng kilay all worth it! They both are doibng well in school and happily they also like going to school. :)

I think a large part of their likeness to go to school is the proximity of the school to our house, which is actually a stone throw away (kung si Hercules magbabato ha!) but kidding aside, it's really near, kaya they are not burdened to wake up very early to beat the traffic and all.

I am so proud of my school girls! Next grading period uli!

My new logo

Made a major change in my logo!

So what do you think? I wanted kasi na to represent the many colors of every picture i work on kaya decided to make it look this way. I am shying away with my usual pink and blue color scheme this time. Everytime i visit my website i also see that a lot of people are opening it, kaya decided to give it a little "oomph" hehehe!

My clients come from just about anywhere, there are from the egroups, returning clients, friends/relatives of clients, multiply users who chance upon my site and increasing overseas clients who just google me! Wow, google-able na daw talaga ako! hahaha!

To date my biz is now 2 years old and four months and have made a lot of work na and i am always trying and thinking of ways to improve and add more services and products! :)

So what do you think of the new logo?

Our "Tuesdays with Morrie" moments

Watched the final show for the first run of "Tuesdays with Morrie" with Bea and Sam (their first time to watch my papa on stage), and they enjoyed seeing their grandfather act! There were just a few times they asked me what was happening and what day it was na, as bea said it: "Mama, is this another tuesday agauin? what happened to the other days?!" hahaha!

There was also a very touching scene sa ending na akala ni Morrie na mamatay na siya so he revealed to "Mitch" (played by Bart Guingona) that he thought he was "about to go last night" ... both Bea and sam looked at me and said in wonder "mama, go where?!" kasi nga nakahiga na si "morrie" as in di na makatayo ... hahahha!

All the time the show was ongoing Vin naman and Christian was nasa labas nag-titimezone, then after the show they went in na :)

But the two girls enjoyed the show nonetheless! Look at their big smiles after the show!

Bea and Sammie beaming after the show!

With Bart Guingona "Mitch"

With their Papits, "Morrie"

As of this writing "Tuesdays with Morrie" is now showing in Cebu for the weekend. They will be having reruns this month in Manila. They will also have a series of shows in Pampangga as well! Watch out for it!

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Friday, February 1, 2008

Feeding the fish

My three kids, especially Vin just loves going to the Koi Village in Magallanes to feed the Koi fish. This was taken last tuesday, Vin was not feeling too well, feverish for three days na at that time, to perk him up decided to bring him to one of is favorite activities, and boy did it perk him up! He was running around the place and smiling as he was feeding his "pets".

We buy the food (P20 isang bottle) then you feed it na, feeling ko di talaga sila pinapakain eh, para pag may dadating talaga namang gutom na gutom ... hehehe!

Bea and Sam take turns in feeding the fish, and they like looking at sharks through a glass window, bale nasa ilalim nila yung shark naman. Everytime pupunta kami dun kami lang parati ang tao... heheh, kami lang ata ang suckers na bumibili ng food para pakain sa mga tinitinda nilang mga isda .. hahaha! Eh sa nag-eenjoy sila eh, okay na sa akin!

May promo sila na they will give you a card, tapos everytime you go there you will ask them to stamp it, pag naka-10 stamps ka na you get a baby koi for free! Hay, kami di pa nakakauha, why??? ... kasi everytime nagpupunta kami di ko dala yung card, then hahanapin ko nawawala ko na, then kukuha na naman ako, then mamimisplace ko uli! Yaan ko na nga bibili na lang kami ng Baby Koi namin pag naka-set-up na aquairium (P100 lang baby koi) yung pinaka mahal nasa P75,000!!! Hay!

Am glad Vin is doing okay na! Hirap talaga kapag maysakit eh. Kaya feeding fish is really good therapy for my little bibin :)