Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tooth fairy boo-boo

Bea lost her tooth last night, she was kinda happy that it fell while she was eating, helped her clean it and she told me to please put it under her pillow for the toothfairy. All was set.

Morning came ... the moment she opened her eyes she reached under her pillow in searching for toothfairy's stash ... then suddenly i remembered ... my head grew big ... i forgot to put something!!!

I hurriedly admitted my fault, "bea, oh no, i forgot to put it under your pillow, i was too sleepy.. sorry." She looked at me while her hand was still feeling and waiting if she gets to touch anything ...none.

Felt so bad.

I told her instead that maybe, the toothfairy did come and visit her and will be back later. I said it was her chance to tell the toothfairy what she wanted insted of the usual "cash" she gets ... this kind of appeased her and said "Okay, toothfairy i want any cd game for the computer or a gameboy game...any kind ..."

Then i said, good. Told them to go to the bathroom na and we are going to get ready for school.

As soon as they left, called Christian up and said that Vin and i would go foa a quick trip to the mall to buy her the cd games. So after three hours, 5 cd games were tucked under her pillow! Mission accomplished!

When they got home, i told her where her tooth was and that she put it na at baka nga makalimutan ko pa. She reverently put her tooth in a tissue and was inserting it under her pillow ... when she felt something ... naku, super nakatawa kaagad ... excitedly lifted the pillow to reveal the cds ... she was soooo happy!

Side kwento lang, my kids take good care of their teeth, kaya wala pang nakaka-experience ng tooth ache sa kanila. Their teeth just fall off kapag may kasunod na or sometimes i have to have it extracted pag anjan na yung permanent na tooth at di pa ready umalis yung milk teeth. :)

Last month lang they had their oral prophylaxis, and the dentist told me nung turn ko na "Your kids have great set of teeth." Naks! Eh turn ko na...hehehe.. kaya dentist bahala ka! hehehehe!

Buti na lang na-doktor ko ang toothfairy episode namin. :)

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Suzanne said...

Iba talaga ang powers mo ats! Hehehe! Good to know that everything turned out okay. Naku, buti na lang! :D