Friday, January 11, 2008

School will end early

Bea came home yesterday and asked me if we could advance her party in school (her birthday is march 14) and make it March 13, because Recognition day is scheduled on March 14. I was surprised because the school calendar the school gave me had an April date schedule for the recognition.

I called the principal and asked her, and yes it was confirmed, but she was a little surprised that i knew about it since she will just be sending out the letter next week .... hehheh... ang balita nga naman! hehehe!

It turns out Holy week pala will be earlier kaya had to adjust the calendar. Palm sunday is on March 16 na, and Maundy Thursday will be on the 20th, kaya bakasyon na nga talaga.

The kids will be given more school load to catch up and complete with all the requirements. That is why pala i am wondering why they have been coming home with hordes of assignment everyday. Sam before had one or two assignments, now it's 5 subjects! Bea naman has to complete the book and go back to unfinished book pages ... hay! Burning the midnight oil talaga ako!

I sometimes do the writing for them then we answer it together, super pagod na sila. They come home from school 5:45 pm na super pooped na din. Hay!

The bright side nga lang is summer time will start early for them.

"What time is it?! Summer time! It's our vacation! "(sung to the tune of High School Musical 2 song!)

Summer...summer ... summer!

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Paul and Toni said...

wow! ka birthday ko si bea! i'm sure mabait yan and of course pretty. obvious naman sa pics! hehe!