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Reviews for "Tuesdays with Morrie"

Tuesdays with Morrie is one play that i will always remember with so much fondness ... many reasons really ... randomly ito .... not in particular order ... only on how it enters my mind .... my papa is staging his great theater comeback ... it sure cleaned my eyes (with all the tears flowing in all directions) ... made me appreciate life more ... not be afraid of the inevitable and face it headstrong and with optimism ... had an hour and 40 minutes "me" time (hehehe!) ... saw my papa in something that he really loves to do ... actually the last reason i guess tops it all!

The first part of the play has Bart Guingona talk to the audience, then after a few minutes my papa comes in (tears flood my cheeks!) and he has not yet said one line yet ... hahahah! So you can just imagine the tears overload once we got to the heart tugging scenes ...

Got some pictures from the Repertory webiste.

A lot of people ask me if the play is nice... okay shempre biased it would come from me ... while looking at the Rep website saw a part where they posted some reviews ... here it is ...

Business World
Going Out
Vol. XXI, No. 120
Friday-Saturday, January 18-19, 2008 | MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Bart Guingona is a gifted actor — a slide of the zippered collar takes him from boy to man — and his piano-playing of Gershwin’s "Fascinating Rhythm," from jaunty to frantically discordant, provides the perfect backdrop for the narration of the events that so changed his character. He works in perfect concert with Mr. Avellana, who is an old hand at the acting game, proceeding from cane to walker to wheelchair, weakening his voice and adopting the mannerisms of the sick in a physical decline that’s contrasted with the emotional expansiveness and active intelligence in his discourse.

I went into the play with good intentions, and some fear at laughing inappropriately, but was relieved that I was able to laugh at the right moments. And although I didn’t cry — I left that to the lady sniffling into her kerchief beside me — I must admit that I did feel a pang or two, all due to the acting tandem who make it hard to be hard-hearted.

Fred Said . . . (multiply blog, username: 3xhcch)

As directed by no less than Ms. Baby Barredo, this play was very intimate...

Bart Guingona and Jose Mari Avellana captivated and touched the audience in a play lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes, with no intermission and no gimmicks, just the insightful conversations between two people

No Toothaches, Only Smiles
by Walter Ang

“Bart Guingona plays the author Mitch Albom, a sports journalist who reconnects with his old college professor Morrie Schwartz. Though successful in his chosen career, Albom feels empty and lost. Guingona aptly plays him as a high strung alpha male but is able to show his vulnerable sides.”

“…under the direction of Rep co-founder Baby Barredo, the material unfolds without any nonsense and gimmicks. The tension is sustained and Albom’s resistance to getting in touch with his “touchy feely” side provides a foil to any possibilities of the story turning into a cartoon…”

“The revelation of this production is the actor who plays Morrie: Jose Mari Avellana. He has incredible presence onstage and lends much gravitas to the character. His performance is nuanced, gentle, funny, powerful and heart wrenching.”

Hand Me The KLEENEX, Please...

Field of Dreams? *sniff!*

Jerry Maguire? *sob!*

Tuesdays With Morrie? *hagulgol!*


“…Avellana and Guingona make Tuesdays With Morrie worth watching.” “…the actors do convince us that they do care for each other and make us care for and with them, even if we don’t really get to figure out why. But perhaps that’s the whole point.”


“Certified tear jerker.”

As of this writing. amidst the quarterly exams of Bea and Sam i am reading the book ... and while i read it (na by the way madali lang basahin, parang sweet dreams book nung bata tayo) i remeber the scenes in the play. Baliktad ang nangyari sa akin, play muna bago book, actually mas effective kasi para tuloy may pictures ang all text book. :)

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