Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deep at work :)

Sometimes when we are in the mall just strolling or doing the grocery, a client has to talk to me through ym (kasi yung iba magkaiba kami ng time, from the states) and they text me if we can talk... me and the kids troop to the nearest internet cafe and do our business ... hahaha!

I get two computers, one for me while Samis hovering behind me waiting for her turn ... and Bea and Vin get to work (hahaha!) at Disney Channel online games. :)

Vin gets to wear the headphones and is given small tasks (like press the spacebar to jump, etc) while Bea s really into the game!

Here are their pictures, kasi finish na ako sa chat ko, and Sam occupied my place na. :)

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mitch said...

Ate na ate talaga si Bea! Galing!