Thursday, January 31, 2008

Christmas play backtrack

Bea and Sam had a grand time during their Christmas play program ... was not able to post kwento and pictures kasi super busy sa mga orders nun... so anyway here are a few pictures :)
Bea loves talaga singing and participating sa mga programs!

Happing-happy! Performance level na ito!

The principal asked Christian to cover the event as a favor, kasi they wanted sana to minimize mga parents to go up sa harap ng stage, so para isa na lang daw si Christian na lang ... pressure! So i made dvd copies and personalized labels for the dvd and the school gave it to the eager and excited parents! :)

All in all they were happy with the output of the dvd :) Kaya baka careerin na ni Christian ang videographer .. hehehe!

Online Billiards

Playing billiards was something that Christian enjoys doing in malls, it eases his nerves and likes to play with friends.

Now that he has not much time on his hands to frequent billiard halls he has been playing online billiards on the internet and is really enjoying!

The site offers online snooker and play snooker as well!

He can also play with other players and compete in Billiard tournaments in the comfort of our home. He really loves the game and is enjoying it like he was in actual billiard halls, really a great way to relax and have fun!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Vin okay na

Am so relieved Vin is doing okay now.

The trip to the Koi Village really perked him up together with the antibiotics (i really pity him when i give him his meds) solved the trick!

We went to the mall afterwards and visited the toy store with her sister and then went to my mom's house where Christian will pick us up after work.

Will download pictures later para you can see why Vin and the two girls just love going there! :)

Wishing Time

This is the very first time the girls had their first taste of the "wishing bone experience" ... hehehe!

I was cutting up Bea's chicken when i saw a wishbone, carefully extracted it and went to the sink to wash it .. then when they were done eating told them the "wishbone myth" hahaha!

Both were excited! And so was I! Kaya dali dali akong naglabas ng camera to capture the moment!

The wish bone! All ready na ang two girls!

And the winner is ... BEA! Buti na lang sport si Sammie girl, kaya all happy!
Kaya now, si Sam panay ang order ng Chicken, umaasa na makakuha ng wish bone .. hahaha!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Vin under the weather

Hay, Vin is not feeling well.

He started a slight fever then medyo complaining of stomach ache ... really makes me feel sad when one of the kiddies are under the weather, they feel so helpless ... an i also feel helpless because i cannot get the bad feeling for them. The only thing i can do is to be at their "beck and call" pero di pa din enough yun.

Am thinking of bringing him to see the Koi fish sa Koi Village sa Magallanes later, that can really cheer him up! He just loves feedign the Koi fish as he thinks di sila pinapakain kung di siya ang pupunta to do the feeding...heheh!

Hope he gets better really soon, miss his kakulitan.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Investing wisely

It has always entered our minds on how we will invest our hard earned money and to somehow preserve it and yet make sure that it will still earn and not be a stagnant investment?

Look no further, as i have discovered a way to finally make something out of it and investing in silver bullion and am ensured that it will not go to waste. It is actually a risk free deal as i now am able to convert my money (that someday will depreciate in value) in tangible investments that will never go wrong as the value of silver and gold for that matter will continue to rise.

I have always been fond of acquiring gold pieces myself when i was still single, and i now have a vast collection of it that someday i will pass on to my children. These jewelry will always have it's worth and maybe even triple the value as to when i purchased it, so i know i am handing over not just heirloom pieces but valuable merchandise that can help them in the future if the need arises.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tooth fairy boo-boo

Bea lost her tooth last night, she was kinda happy that it fell while she was eating, helped her clean it and she told me to please put it under her pillow for the toothfairy. All was set.

Morning came ... the moment she opened her eyes she reached under her pillow in searching for toothfairy's stash ... then suddenly i remembered ... my head grew big ... i forgot to put something!!!

I hurriedly admitted my fault, "bea, oh no, i forgot to put it under your pillow, i was too sleepy.. sorry." She looked at me while her hand was still feeling and waiting if she gets to touch anything ...none.

Felt so bad.

I told her instead that maybe, the toothfairy did come and visit her and will be back later. I said it was her chance to tell the toothfairy what she wanted insted of the usual "cash" she gets ... this kind of appeased her and said "Okay, toothfairy i want any cd game for the computer or a gameboy game...any kind ..."

Then i said, good. Told them to go to the bathroom na and we are going to get ready for school.

As soon as they left, called Christian up and said that Vin and i would go foa a quick trip to the mall to buy her the cd games. So after three hours, 5 cd games were tucked under her pillow! Mission accomplished!

When they got home, i told her where her tooth was and that she put it na at baka nga makalimutan ko pa. She reverently put her tooth in a tissue and was inserting it under her pillow ... when she felt something ... naku, super nakatawa kaagad ... excitedly lifted the pillow to reveal the cds ... she was soooo happy!

Side kwento lang, my kids take good care of their teeth, kaya wala pang nakaka-experience ng tooth ache sa kanila. Their teeth just fall off kapag may kasunod na or sometimes i have to have it extracted pag anjan na yung permanent na tooth at di pa ready umalis yung milk teeth. :)

Last month lang they had their oral prophylaxis, and the dentist told me nung turn ko na "Your kids have great set of teeth." Naks! Eh turn ko na...hehehe.. kaya dentist bahala ka! hehehehe!

Buti na lang na-doktor ko ang toothfairy episode namin. :)

Reviews for "Tuesdays with Morrie"

Tuesdays with Morrie is one play that i will always remember with so much fondness ... many reasons really ... randomly ito .... not in particular order ... only on how it enters my mind .... my papa is staging his great theater comeback ... it sure cleaned my eyes (with all the tears flowing in all directions) ... made me appreciate life more ... not be afraid of the inevitable and face it headstrong and with optimism ... had an hour and 40 minutes "me" time (hehehe!) ... saw my papa in something that he really loves to do ... actually the last reason i guess tops it all!

The first part of the play has Bart Guingona talk to the audience, then after a few minutes my papa comes in (tears flood my cheeks!) and he has not yet said one line yet ... hahahah! So you can just imagine the tears overload once we got to the heart tugging scenes ...

Got some pictures from the Repertory webiste.

A lot of people ask me if the play is nice... okay shempre biased it would come from me ... while looking at the Rep website saw a part where they posted some reviews ... here it is ...

Business World
Going Out
Vol. XXI, No. 120
Friday-Saturday, January 18-19, 2008 | MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Bart Guingona is a gifted actor — a slide of the zippered collar takes him from boy to man — and his piano-playing of Gershwin’s "Fascinating Rhythm," from jaunty to frantically discordant, provides the perfect backdrop for the narration of the events that so changed his character. He works in perfect concert with Mr. Avellana, who is an old hand at the acting game, proceeding from cane to walker to wheelchair, weakening his voice and adopting the mannerisms of the sick in a physical decline that’s contrasted with the emotional expansiveness and active intelligence in his discourse.

I went into the play with good intentions, and some fear at laughing inappropriately, but was relieved that I was able to laugh at the right moments. And although I didn’t cry — I left that to the lady sniffling into her kerchief beside me — I must admit that I did feel a pang or two, all due to the acting tandem who make it hard to be hard-hearted.

Fred Said . . . (multiply blog, username: 3xhcch)

As directed by no less than Ms. Baby Barredo, this play was very intimate...

Bart Guingona and Jose Mari Avellana captivated and touched the audience in a play lasts for 1 hour and 45 minutes, with no intermission and no gimmicks, just the insightful conversations between two people

No Toothaches, Only Smiles
by Walter Ang

“Bart Guingona plays the author Mitch Albom, a sports journalist who reconnects with his old college professor Morrie Schwartz. Though successful in his chosen career, Albom feels empty and lost. Guingona aptly plays him as a high strung alpha male but is able to show his vulnerable sides.”

“…under the direction of Rep co-founder Baby Barredo, the material unfolds without any nonsense and gimmicks. The tension is sustained and Albom’s resistance to getting in touch with his “touchy feely” side provides a foil to any possibilities of the story turning into a cartoon…”

“The revelation of this production is the actor who plays Morrie: Jose Mari Avellana. He has incredible presence onstage and lends much gravitas to the character. His performance is nuanced, gentle, funny, powerful and heart wrenching.”

Hand Me The KLEENEX, Please...

Field of Dreams? *sniff!*

Jerry Maguire? *sob!*

Tuesdays With Morrie? *hagulgol!*


“…Avellana and Guingona make Tuesdays With Morrie worth watching.” “…the actors do convince us that they do care for each other and make us care for and with them, even if we don’t really get to figure out why. But perhaps that’s the whole point.”


“Certified tear jerker.”

As of this writing. amidst the quarterly exams of Bea and Sam i am reading the book ... and while i read it (na by the way madali lang basahin, parang sweet dreams book nung bata tayo) i remeber the scenes in the play. Baliktad ang nangyari sa akin, play muna bago book, actually mas effective kasi para tuloy may pictures ang all text book. :)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Grilled to perfection

Summer is really coming around and that just means one thing ... beach time! This one of the summer activity that our entire family look forward too, the fun of being together and engaging in great bonding moments when we gather around grilling chicken and preparing a hearty picnic! Everybody just loves to help out and that makes the grilling time more enjoyable and fun! I can't wait for summer and bring out perfectly grilled food!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deep at work :)

Sometimes when we are in the mall just strolling or doing the grocery, a client has to talk to me through ym (kasi yung iba magkaiba kami ng time, from the states) and they text me if we can talk... me and the kids troop to the nearest internet cafe and do our business ... hahaha!

I get two computers, one for me while Samis hovering behind me waiting for her turn ... and Bea and Vin get to work (hahaha!) at Disney Channel online games. :)

Vin gets to wear the headphones and is given small tasks (like press the spacebar to jump, etc) while Bea s really into the game!

Here are their pictures, kasi finish na ako sa chat ko, and Sam occupied my place na. :)

Friday, January 11, 2008

School will end early

Bea came home yesterday and asked me if we could advance her party in school (her birthday is march 14) and make it March 13, because Recognition day is scheduled on March 14. I was surprised because the school calendar the school gave me had an April date schedule for the recognition.

I called the principal and asked her, and yes it was confirmed, but she was a little surprised that i knew about it since she will just be sending out the letter next week .... hehheh... ang balita nga naman! hehehe!

It turns out Holy week pala will be earlier kaya had to adjust the calendar. Palm sunday is on March 16 na, and Maundy Thursday will be on the 20th, kaya bakasyon na nga talaga.

The kids will be given more school load to catch up and complete with all the requirements. That is why pala i am wondering why they have been coming home with hordes of assignment everyday. Sam before had one or two assignments, now it's 5 subjects! Bea naman has to complete the book and go back to unfinished book pages ... hay! Burning the midnight oil talaga ako!

I sometimes do the writing for them then we answer it together, super pagod na sila. They come home from school 5:45 pm na super pooped na din. Hay!

The bright side nga lang is summer time will start early for them.

"What time is it?! Summer time! It's our vacation! "(sung to the tune of High School Musical 2 song!)

Summer...summer ... summer!

Credit card search

Now that the holidays have gone by, i am left with maxed out credit cards! I guess i am not the only one in this scenario and are on the look out for Low APR Credit Cards available. There are really a lot of credit cards but choosing the best deal is essential. It is important to search the internet and study and get the lowest Annual Percentage Rate of a credit card. It would be best if you get one card that has cool perks like rewards programs, waived annual fees, freebies and privileges from being a card holder. Choosing wisely leaves no room for irrational decisions when acquiring a credit card.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

" Tuesdays with Morrie" a must see!


Based on Mitch Albom's best selling book, TUESDAYS WITH MORRIE is a heart-warming play that perfectly combines comedy, drama and poignancy. In a challenging commitment of time and expense, busy sportswriter Mitch Albom makes weekly treks from Detroit to Boston so he could spend Tuesday mornings with his former professor Morrie Schwartz, who is dying of Lou Gehrig's disease. It unfolds the story of how these visits changed outlook on life. It is a feast for the mind and the heart.


Morrie Schwartz Jose Mari Avellana

Mitch Albom Bart Guingona

Great actors! This a rare event, something that we should not miss ... especially that "Morrie" will be played by my papa, THE Jose Mari Avellana!

I am soooo proud!

Will watch the Matinee show this first week run at the Greenbelt.
The show will go to Cebu too in February!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Happy New Year!

I have a lot of catching up to do with my blog ... but before anything else, i just want to greet everyone a happy new year, and wish you all good health, happiness, good health with some wealth...hehehe! We all deserve to have a great year!

Will post kwento and pictures of our new year activities (pati christmas nga wala pa din akong nalalagay ... hay!)

Little kwento lang, went to the Mall of Asia for the fireworks display with the whole family, including my sisters and nieces :)

Went to the Global Carnival din!

What pa ba?

Basta, will update soon!

Buying Lillies and flowers online

My friend is finally tying the know with her long time beau and is now deep in preparations for her big day. She has so many things to fix as she really likes the day to be picture perfect. She has had her wedding gown customized for her special day. Her flowers she ordered online and got them at a very affordable package because she ordered wholesale calla lilies on the internet. Now she does not need to worry that she gets wilted flowers as she is assured to be sent with arrangements that will last the special occasion. Finding the prices relatively cheap she also ordered her bridesmaids boquets, bestman and ushers boutonnieres there too. She also was able to coordinate with her caterer the flowers she ordered for the centerpiece and presidential table to color coordinate with the table cloth that they will be using. Her wedding bouquet is also a eyecatching arrangement that any bride would be proud to carry down the aisle!

PBB finish na

Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity edition 2 finally ended last saturday. Was really into it kaya medyo sad ako kasi parang nakasanayan ko na siyang panoorin..heheh! parang tele seryeng di matapos tapos tapos na!

My sister and i would always text each other while the show is ongoing and then pag tapos na we would call each other to react andmake kwento about what we BOTH saw ..hahaha!

Sabi nga ni Christian "Ayan reporting na ang dalawa" whenhe sees me on the phone after the show ends.

Eh baket ba? sa naaliw ako eh.

Now lang kasi ako nakanoon ng pbb eh, kaya ganado pa.

may kasunod na uli sa summer, teen edition daw... pero not interested ako. hehehe!

kaya there my pbb stint has finally ended. :)