Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We have a pet!

Yes, finally was able to settle on getting a small rabbit for the kids. They were thrilled!

This is actually our third rabbit, the previous ones passed, but they did not see it and i always tell them that they had to go up to heaven as Jesus needs then first because their is a small girl there who needs a company of a rabbit, they always understood. And then the new rabbit would suddenly just appear again, and i would say that she is back.

I bought it last Friday, a white small baby bunny, and they named her "Habbie".

All was well ... but today something happened ... and it is all my fault. :(

oh well, will let you know about it later ... i feel so guilty ... i have no one else to blame ... i loved "habbie" pa naman and would put her face on mine as it was a powder puff to the delight of Sam ... but ... i really feel bad. Was not able to sleep nga last night.

Sige i will compose myself muna, Vin wants to play daw muna.

Will be back soon.


Suzanne said...

Ngek. What did you do to Habbie?? :)

Sige, wait ko post mo. Kwento ka ha. :D

Melisse said...

Huhuhu! Opo, ako ang salarin! Time out na muna kami sa pet.