Monday, December 10, 2007

Searching for a California School

Christian's sister will be moving to California early next year and of course there is a need for their children to be in school. She has two graders and two college level children that she has to make sure gets into good schools before the move.

I helped her search the net for a reputable and good California College. We found a great school for her College level kids at Westwoodwhere it offers a whole range of curriculum that will surely interest them. Getting them into good standing LA College is her top priority since they are in a very crucial stage in education. She was glad with the different campuses offered in the Los Angeles area alone and is happy with the amenities and degrees they are offering.

One more thing that pleased her is that they can get their Bachelor's Degree in less than three years, saves them time and money too. She is just waiting for her children's decision as to which college they will choose.

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