Sunday, December 30, 2007

Santa's gifts

Santa's schedule to the mall was something the kids look forward to because thats the time they receive Santa's gifts and it is their sign that they have been good all year round ... hehehe!
Was not able to get a photo with santa though, super rush lahat!
I pulled my kids aside and they were really star-strucked that they have seen Santa again, who by the way was in a rush as i explained to the kids the sleigh was waiting for him already, and they happily understood.

Bea got her sought after Game boy game and a Tamagotchi, Sam got a Princess Microphone (she loves to sing!) and also a interactive Tamagotchi (that can talk and exchange email with Bea's Tamagotchi) and Vin got his Motorcycle toy! Everybody happy!

They were always surprised that among all the kids who go and see santa they are the only ones who get presents under the tree... hehehe! Kung alam lang nila na dala ko na yun bago kami umalis at dinedeposit ko sa package counter so i won't have to lug it around for then to notice ... then i talk to the organizer or Santa himself before i bring the kids para alam na niya ang gagawin niya...hehehe! I have to get wrappers pa na di kapaprehas nung sa amin and i write their names on the present in a different way din :)

Will post more pictures soon!

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