Monday, December 10, 2007

PBB Mania and others

Hay, amidst all my projects, my trauma over habbie's loss, deadline and rush designs to try and fit in my already busy sked, my long-running bout with my cold, my ever dilemna to try and sleep early (but has never happened, as i sleep the earliest time 3am) to keep my going to the trips to the facial spa worth it, the up coming exams of the girls, Vin's antics and sudden requests to set-up his road rails (na talaga naman kakabuo k pa lang, biglang ayaw na) i still have to keep up with PBB!!!!

My opps have expired na nga ... sob... sniff... i really try to sneak in at least one, kaso wala di na talaga kaya ng powers. But really paid blogging really paid off .. hehehe! Pinapaipon ko muna para isang padala na lang ng friend ko ... hehehe, and i shall reap all my efforts, pero still i have my booming design biz to put sa harap ng queue .. hehehe!

Di na nga ako nakakanood ng Wowowee eh, (o sige talagang sagad na ako sa kabuduyan, well whatever rocks your boat ika nga) hehehhe! Sometimes i miss PBB at 530 slot kasi of motherly duties naman (na talagang top priority, though not demanding too much from me) kaya i try to catch it na lang sa internet (walang kawala) and a lot has been happening sa PBB house and is nice to watch and follow (sabi ko nga this is the first time that i have taken a fancy on the house)so yun lang. Share lang ng lola! hehehe!

Till my next post :)

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