Friday, December 7, 2007

Looking for Habbie

Vin while we were at SM yesterday morning suddenly said, "Mama, i miss rabbit, let her come home, okay?" i looked at him and said, "Ok, Bibin, i will call the doctor later and ask if she is okay na." When Bea and Sam came down the bus the first things they said was "Mama is habbie home na?"

It breaks my heart that they miss habbie so much inspite that she was with us for only a few days. I am contemplating on getting a duplicate of rabbit ... but then again there are a lot of things to consider pala when getting a pet lalo na since i do not have any house help, kasi madalas i clean the cage then ako din ang magprepare ng food namin, so nagaalchol pa ako everytime i handle Habbie.

I also don't know if this was a coincidence, kasi Bea started to have some kind of itchy spots around her body after a day Habbie came, kaya lang nagka-rabbit na kami noon wala naman siyang allergy, pero noon naman as she was not much into carrying, not like now na parati niya kinukuha at cinacarry. Kaya i really don't know. Pero now i applied some ointment kaya halos wala na, parang nagdahilan lang.

So i guess, getting another rabbit to replace Habbie will be put on hold. I will have to endure their requests for habbie to come home muna and try to explain to them that Habbie will have to go back to her mama first.

Oh well.

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YETTE said...

hello melisse! sorry to hear about habbie... am sure the kids miss her a lot.

i got the boys a pair of rabbits a few months ago. a gray one (Sushi) and a white one (Chester). sad to say chester died a few days after purchase. he was just a weak bunny. i explained to then 5-year-old Nikki that Chester died because he was weak and he's in a better place and we're going to ask someone to bury him. Nikki accepted it. a few months after, Sushi grew and became a fat bunny. we all loved her coz she's fun and a bit naughty. then last week we bought White Paw to keep her company but a few days after that, she just refused to eat and then passed away. feeling ko nagtampo kasi we bought a new bunny. my sis said baka she died of a stroke kasi she was just SO fat! she was as big as a cat na kasi. so sad. of course, Nikki knows about Sushi too. He took it well also. I told him Sushi got sick and she died and she's now with Chester. So every time i mention Sushi and Chester to him, he remembers them the way they were. White Paw is black. I wanted him to be different from Sushi and Chester so that Nikki could tell he's a different bunny. Okay naman. Nikki loves him rin kasi he's also malikot and fun. we don't cage our rabbits pala. during certain times of the day, we let Sushi out of her basket and she plays in the kids' room. It's fun to see her hop as high as she could. And she's pretty well-trained. She only poos and wees on one spot. Kaya lang, she loves biting the cords so I had to put those out of her reach. The boys are not afraid to play with Sushi and to touch her. I think it's wonderful for kids to be able to interact with their pets as long as they learn about hygiene. they really learn to extend their love to animals. but don't be afraid to share and teach death to your kids. they can be very accepting about these things. your kids are strong and very intelligent. i am sure that they will understand why habbie had to leave them.

take care!