Friday, December 14, 2007

Hair cut gone bad

I colored my hair a rich color of burgundy, nice color, i was admiring it and was commending myself that at last i have lasted this long and not have had the urge to have a haircut as i was really trying to grow my hair. It is now past my shoulders and was one-length, no bangs. Was looking at the box of the hair dye and saw a nice cut with layers on both sides but the length was still there. After i picked up Bea and Sam we headed to the salon and with my box i explained to the hairdresser what i wanted done, and she understood. So there i was having the sides of my hair trimmed just the way i wanted it. Then i told her to cut a little on the back and shape it so the ends would not be so straight, i told her to just round off the sides to eliminate angles. She snipped away. I kept on reminding her what i wanted and she assured me that she knows. I was kinda getting worried as she was cutting it higher and seeing more longer lengths of my hair on the floor, told her she was cutting higher that i expected.

She then got a full length mirror and positioned it at my back so i can admire the back view, i was shocked as it was all layered, gone were the straight hair i was admiring just a few hours ago! I did not hide my irritation and said this was not what i told her to do, far from what we talked about, and i repeatedly said that i kept on asking her if she was on the right track. To make matters worse, Sam came up to me and said "mama, you look different" .... oh my! If there was only a way to bring back the hands of time!

I stood up and of course paid her, she was uncomfortable and was trying to assure me that it was the "in" style and it suited me. Well, it was not MY style!

The moment i got home i shampooed and dried my hair and tried to work my way with my ceramic straighting rod ... trying to please myself and see the hairstyle in a different light. but to no avail, felt more frustrated.

Hay! I could just be over reacting but i still did not want this style, it may work for others but i still have to get used to it. Am actually contemplating of cutting it to the shortest length possible. Well see.

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Suzanne said...

Awww... So sorry about this ats. I hope you will feel better soon. *hugs*