Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wedding Jewelry

Weddings are really big for our family since this a great time to see everyone in a happy atmosphere and the feeling of being part of something big really can make any one's heart melt with happiness! It's very important that everything should be perfect from the proposal till the wedding day!

I was very excited for my cousin when he called me yesterday and announced that he is about to propose to his long time childhood sweetheart and was asking for my help to make it perfect. I suddenly scurried and searched the internet for the best Engagement Rings to start it off right. It had to be the perfect cut and that it should be special for his soon-to-be-fiancee. We saw a lot of great looking pre-set engagement rings at My Solitaire and the choices are endless, all were perfect!

There is a vast collection of Diamond Rings to choose from, all looking so elegant, and they even have an option to design your own ring.
Was also interested looking at the beautiful Black Diamond Rings for my cousins mom and his soon to be mother in law. I am sure they would love them and look regal wearing it on their fingers.

Another thing that caught my eye was an option to have Sapphire Rings to add color to the all white motif that we are thinking of. But it could actually serve as a color theme to follow as color sapphire is a striking yet classy color. We have a lot of things to cover for this special event and i know starting early and looking at the right places will steer us in the right directions.

We are likewise contemplating of giving the principal sponsors matching Diamond Pendants for them to wear during the wedding and will serve as a gift to them as my cousin's special people in the entourage. I was eyeing on the pendants that looked like a string of stones, very classic and very versatile as you can wear even in an informal occasion as well as formal as a wedding and still show off your good taste. I really want to make this wedding something that they will remember fondly after so many years of being together and for both the groom and brides family be happy with.

I will definitely bookmark My Solitaire as this answers all our jewelry needs, from the most romantic part of the proposal up to the lasting end of the wedding vows!

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amit said...

Black diamond rings, and diamond pendants each have a error url in front ot it.. please correct.. Thank you.