Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Watching old vhs tapes

Vin and i had a grand time watching the vhs tapes of bea and sam's recordings when they were still small. Vin's expressions were really classic as he was surprised that Bea also wore a diaper, hehehe! But after a while of watching it, he said "Mama, where am i there?", so i got another vh tape and watched his eyes as we looked at Sam ..hahah! He said again, this time with teary eyed look na "Where am i there?" I smiled at him and said "Cmon, let's get your cds", he said "But mama, i like also like that (pointing to the vhs cassette), why i don't have like that?" I answered, because that was before, now we use this (pointing to the dvds) obligingly he said "Okay.." hahahha!!

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