Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The sun is out

Funny but it has always been a trend that if the weather people say to brace ourselves for heavy rains and suspend classes chances are the sun will be shining like crazy! So it happened again, and off i was doing the much needed laundry time.

Dami na talaga mga clothes na needs to be washed, so the washing machine worked overtime today, the kids helped out too, they played with bubbles while i slaved away ... hehehe!

I had a lot of designs to finish and upload for approval, so what i do is i load the washing machine go down to the computer attach my design then go up again (our washing area is at the rooftop) my legs feel like lead now! hahah!

Tomorrow is school time again, will have to continue my laundry time again tomorrow para maubos yung mga damit namin.

Need to use all my special powers!

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