Thursday, November 22, 2007

Star Blogger award from one Star Blogger

Good friend and fellow SAHMM (Stay at home magandang mommy) Peachy, gave me this award, salamat po, pero shempre you are very deserving as well!

Mommies unite ... hahha! Kasi naman hard to take full control of the house, kids, school, food and other stuff and yet still give time to blog (may it be paid opps (Yihee!) and everyday things) it is really an achievement! Kudos to Peachy for being a SAHM to little Joaquin and he looks like he is growing up to be a well-rounded happy boy, mission accomplished Peachy! As the saying goes "Keep up the good work"

Sharing this award to Jacqui, who is not a SAHM but nonetheless doing a good job to her little Sam and juggling the corporate life, another achievement! You go girl! :)

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